Valuable Practices for Greenhouses 2024

Valuable Practices for Greenhouses

Since Greenhouse farming became a highly effective and profitable venture, most farmers have adopted it. With Valuable Practices for greenhouse farming, full potential can realized from the venture.

Water applications, fertilizer, pesticides, and weed control practices need to be effective to allow sustainability.

Aqua Hub Kenya enhances valuable practices for greenhouses through sustainable farming solutions in Kenya.

Temperature Control

For better temperature control in a greenhouse environment, you need quality effective materials. Effective Temperature Control Greenhouse Materials in Kenya include polythene covers, shade nets, and insect nets.

Valuable Practices for Greenhouses

How Greenhouses Regulate Temperature

Greenhouse polythene covers provide the right temperature for greenhouse growth.  Its transparency, light transmission, and insulation properties make it possible for a hot environment. On the other hand, shade nets enhance the cooling of the greenhouses in the daytime. Due to mesh surface, air can enter and exit thus temperature reduction.

Fertigation| Fertilizer Injection

Applying fertilizer is crucial for maximum yield in crop production. Modern methods of fertilizer application to greenhouse plants are available. Using fertilizer injectors to supply soluble fertilizers to crops is the most effective method. Uniform supply as well as minimal loss of fertilizer makes it the best method.

How to Use Fertilizer Injectors

Connecting the fertilizer kits to an irrigation system makes fertilizer supply easy and efficient. The kit sucks soluble fertilizers from a tank and directs it to an irrigation pipe. It mixes with water and then goes to the drip lines where distribution to crops is done.

Plastic Mulch Films for Weed Control

Weed control is easier with organic practices such as mulching and crop rotation. Mulching is an effective method as it reduces weed growth and prevents water loss. Mulching can be done through organic mulches or artificial plastic mulching films.

How to use Artificial Plastic Mulching Films

Mulching films are laid on the crop field openings made for plants to access sunlight. You can use soil to hold the film in between the plant lines. Plastic mulching films are durable and effective materials that prevent weed growth in the soil.

Drip Irrigation

Irrigation of greenhouse crops requires sustainable and effective methods. The reason is to allow for high returns from the high-value crops grown in greenhouses. Drip irrigation is the preferable irrigation system to use for greenhouse watering and fertilizer supply.

Misters for Cooling Greenhouse Environment

Cooling and temperature regulation can also be achieved using misters and foggers. The use of misting kits provides high-pressure cold sprays that help reduce greenhouse heat.

 Valuable Practices for Greenhouses in Kenya | Our Greenhouse Types

We deal in the Construction of quality Greenhouse structures in Kenya at customer-friendly prices in Kenya.

Our greenhouses are either wooden or metallic types with various designs such as a Vent or tunnel and multi-span structures.

 Materials for Greenhouse Construction

Our greenhouses consist of various components which make them effective for growing various crops.

  1. Agricultural nets such as shade nets and insect nets
  2. Greenhouse polythene films
  3. Wooden or metallic poles
  4. Profile steel bars.
  5. Wooden nails or screws for attachment
  6. Cement and Sand

Cost of Valuable Practices for Greenhouses in Kenya

Greenhouse Drip Kit

The Cost of a greenhouse Drip Kit in Kenya depends on the size of the greenhouse. The size will determine the number of beds to lay in the greenhouse.

A full Roll of drip lines in Kenya costs KES 8,500 each.

Cost of Fertilizer injectors in Kenya

The price of fertilizer injectors depends on the size. Available in ½ – 2-inch sizes

The cost ranges from KES 1,500 to KES 4,500.

Cost of Mulching Papers in Kenya

The price of mulching paper is KES 45 per square meter at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Cost of misting Kits in Kenya

Misters are sold at KES 500 at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Valuable Practices for Greenhouses in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Aqua Hub Kenya enhances valuable practices for greenhouses through sustainable farming solutions in Kenya.

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