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Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya |Drip irrigation kits provides efficient and water saving irrigation solutions particularly to farmers in areas with low water or amount of rainfall.

Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya
Aqua Hub is an irrigation company that offers agricultural and irrigation solutions to farmers all over the country.

Components of Drip irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation Systems consists of several key component requirements that work to deliver water to plant root in a systematic and controlled manner. The main components include.

  1. Water tanks or Water Source – Where the irrigation water is sourced. It can be a tank, well, or other supply that provides water.
  2. Pump (optional) – A pump may be a requirement in some projects where high pressure is necessary to pump water. For example, when the water source comes from a well or dam.
  3. Filtration System – Filters are important in cleaning water and removing dirt that blocks the drip lines.
  4. Main line Pipes (HDPE) – Main line pipe that supply water from the tank or source. Usually HDPE pipes that can withstand high pressure and extreme weather conditions.
  5. Control Valves – To regulate the flow and pressure in the system. Allows the adjustment of water flow or control of flow to some sections.
  6. Distribution lines – Sub main line pipes of smaller diameter that supply water from main line pipes to drip lines.
  7. Drip emitters – Pipes that deliver water to plant roots. Installed in plant lines and connect to distribution lines. They have holes of equal spacing that allow water to drop to plant roots.
  8. Connectors – Fittings for connecting the pipes, filters, and drip lines. Connect the main line pipes to sub main line pipes.
  9. Fertilizer injector – Equipment for injecting or supplying a liquid mixture of fertilizer into an irrigation system. The fertilizer together with the water in the irrigation systems flows to the drip lines.

Setting Up Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

  1. Planning and Design – Determine the topography of your farm. Determine the layout that suits your farm. Consider the spacing, and water requirements by considering the plants you are growing.
  2. Install the Main line Connection – Connect the main line pipe to the water source. Connect a start valve near the water source for water control.
  3. Install the distribution or sub mainline pipes – Using appropriate connectors such as T-connector, middle connectors, and elbow connectors join sub mainline pipes to main line pipes.
  4. Connect drip emitters – Attach drip lines to sub mainline pipes at the desired places near the plant beds. Ensure a secure connection by using glue sealants.
  5. Install the filtration System – Install appropriate filters to prevent drip line clogging. Screen filters are the best for drip systems.
  6. Install Fertilizer injector – Connect a fertilizer injection system to the drip connection. Should be placed near the drip lines.
  7. Test the connection – Turn on water supply and check for any leakages in the connection.
  8. Adjust water flow – by turning on valves, adjusting pump pressure depending on water needs of your plants.
  9. Maintenance – Set up monitor or sensor systems(optional). Set up or establish a routine for cleaning of filters and checking the conditions of pipes and drip lines.

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Drip Lines or Emitter Spacing

Drip emitter holes having various spacing of holes that suits different plants.
They include:

  • 15 cm
  • 20 cm
  • 30 cm

Layouts of Drip Irrigation installation

We have Various layout or structures of drip Kits.

  • 1 Line per bed
  • 2 lines per section or bed
  • 3 Lines per bed

Drip Irrigation Kit Prices in Kenya

The Cost of our Drip Irrigation Kits varies depending on the land size you want to install drip lines.

Size/ Line per bed 1 Line


2 lines (KES) 3 Lines


1 acre Drip Kit 75,000 130,000 160,000
1/2 acre Drip Kit 40,000 61,000 71,000
1/4 acre Drip Kit 28,000 40,000 50,000
1/8 acre Drip Kit 13,000 23,000 26,000

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