Solar Dryers

Solar Dryers

Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best and most suitable dryers for commercial use. Our dryers are mainly for fruits and vegetables and other special foods on demand.

Components of our dryers 

  • Greenhouse polythene ( UV-Treated, 200 microns )
  • Steel / Wooden Structure ( With specific measurements to suit the volume of the matter to be dried )
  • Ventilation and Shelving netting ( UV-Treated )
  • The black substance absorbs heat ( Dam liners )
  • Ventilation fans ( Special cases )
What are the Measurements we have?

In most cases, we tailor make our installations to quench customer’s needs, but the most basics are

        1.5 m  × 1.5 m × 1 m
      2 m × 2 m × 1.5 m
     3 m × 2 m × 2 m
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Solar Dryers in Kenya

A solar dryer is a device that uses solar energy to dry substances, especially food. Aqua Hub Kenya is the best supplier of Solar dryers in Kenya and East Africa. We specialize in metallic and wooden solar dryers.

What is the importance of a solar dryer?

A solar dryer uses solar energy to dry fruits and vegetables. Solar energy is a non-conventional source of energy. So we can use an unlimited source of energy from the sun as the main drying agent.

5 Steps for construction of a solar dryer

  1. Choose the suitable location, size, and materials for the dryer with the help of an expert from Aqua Hub Kenya
  2. Install the structure; it can be wooden or metallic
  3. Provide for the black substance at the base for heat absorption and shelves to dry the matter
  4. The outer cover, install the polythene sheeting, and the ventilation chamber
How does it work?

Solar dryers are used to eliminate the moisture content from crops, vegetables, and fruits. The solar dryer consists of a box made up of easily available and cheap materials like cement, galvanized iron, brick, and plywood. The top surface of the dryer is covered by transparent single and double-layered sheets. The inside surface is coloured black to absorb the incoming solar radiation. Since the box is insulated, the inside temperature of the box is raised. The air is ventilated through the small holes at the top of the box.

The following pictures describe the process.
Solar Dryer Structure

Metallic Structured

Solar Dryer in Kenya

Shelving of the solar dryer

Wooden Solar Dryer

Wooden Structured

Solar Dryers

Dam liners at the ground for heat absorption




Solar Dryers

Complete wooden Solar Dryer

Where do I buy a solar dryer in Kenya ?

Get your preferred solar dryers from Aqua Hub Kenya, both Nairobi and Eldoret branches. We are the best in the field with quality and durable solar dryers in Kenya.

What are the prices of solar dryers in Kenya?

Solar Dryer Dimensions No. of Shelves Metallic Cost in Ksh.  Wooden Cost in Ksh.
1.5 m  × 1.5 m × 1 m 3 80,000 49,000
2 m x 2 m x 1.5 m 3 100,000 58,000
3 m x 2 m x 2 m 3 110,000 67,000
Other information on solar dyers.

The solar dryer is a relatively simple concept. The basic principles employed in a solar dryer are:

  • Converting light to heat: Any black on the inside of a solar dryer will improve the effectiveness of turning light into heat.
  • Trapping heat: Isolating the air inside the dryer from the air outside the dryer makes an important difference. Using a clear solid, like a plastic bag or a glass cover, will allow light to enter, but once the light is absorbed and converted to heat, a plastic bag or glass cover will trap the heat inside. This makes it possible to reach similar temperatures on cold and windy days as on hot days.
  • Moving the heat to the food. Both the natural convection dryer and the forced convection dryer use the convection of the heated air to move the heat to the food.


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