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Greenhouse Prices In Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya deals in the sale of Greenhouse materials and construction services at prices that are the best suitable for Kenyan farmers. Generally, we assist farmers to come up with greenhouses and structures that can enhance hybrid farming experiences.

Which factors affect Greenhouses Prices in Kenya?

Our charge for greenhouse covers and overall installation costs or maintenance as well depends on several factors including:

Greenhouse size

On the overall size desired by the client, the bigger the size of the greenhouse, the higher the prices. The smaller the size, the lower the cost prices.

Vented greenhouse designs are more costly than tunnel greenhouses. This is because vent greenhouses take a large roofing space and extension on the ventilation.
Types of materials
Wooden greenhouses are less costly than metallic greenhouses. This is because wooden materials are readily available and cheaper than metallic materials.
The farmer’s budget or money set aside for greenhouse construction determines the size and design of greenhouse to set up.
Crops grown.
The cost also depends on which type of plants you are growing. Some plants will require crop support, others will need a bigger ventilation while others may require mulching. All these additional needs attract more costs.
Installation Services
The client may need assistance to construct the greenhouse structure. Even though some farmers may know how to do it themselves, we recommend them to consult or contract us for effective greenhouse set up.

Greenhouse Prices In Kenya


The prices for Common greenhouse sizes normally constructed by many farmers in Kenya are shown below.

Categories of Greenhouses and Costs in Kenya

Low-Cost Greenhouses

  • These are Small-scale greenhouses often made of polythene or UV-stabilized plastic.
  • Low-cost greenhouse prices can range from KES. 99,000 to 150,000.
  • They are typically simple in design and Suitable for backyard or small-scale farming.

Medium sizes Greenhouses

Greenhouse Prices In Kenya

  • Greenhouses with medium sizes.
  • They can be made of Polythene paper combined with wooden structures or metallic structures.
  • Measurements can range from 50 to 300 square meters.
  • Medium greenhouses prices range between KES. 150,000 to KES. 360,000.
  • Stronger structures
  • Better and large Ventilations

Commercial greenhouses

  • Greenhouses which cover large areas
  • Meant for large scale farming.
  • Covers a large distance of up to 1000 square meters or more.
  • Commercial greenhouses can cost between KES. 500,000 to KES. 10,000,000 depending on the size.

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