Get Quality Shade Nets in Kenya

Quality Shade Nets in Kenya

Aqua Hub Limited is the leading quality shade nets supplier in Kenya. We deal in all types of agricultural nets that you may need for your farm. Our shade nets comes with different shade rates, 35%, 55%, 75% and 90%. Black and green shade nets. We also offer the best quality and reliable Bird nets and Insect nets in Kenya.

Shade nets provides a cover to protect crops from excess heat and light. We distribute good quality Shade nets that provide varying degree of protection to the crops. The degree of protection depends on the type of crop, altitude of the crop location and stage of the crop growth.

Our nets range from 30%-90% shade and are used for the shade houses and in green houses for ornamental horticulture, coffee seedling production and in vegetable production in specific conditions. The shade nets can also be used in the construction industry to protect against debris. They are UV Treated (5 years Guarantee) , come in Green or Black Color . Have standard Widths of 4 Meters and Lengths of 50 Meters and 100 Meters. Shade Nets can be knitted to specified customer needs on request by customers.

Quality & Affordable Shade Nets in Kenya

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Quality Shade Nets Prices in Kenya

Shade Rate (Filtration in %)ColourMeasurementsPrice per sq?m in Ksh.
35%Black & Green4 m x 50 mKsh. 70/-
55%Black & Green4 m x 50 mKsh. 85/-
75%Black & Green4 m x 50 mKsh. 105/-
90%Black & Green4 m x 50 mKsh. 160/-

Buy quality she Nets today from a trusted supplier

More about shade Nets

Prices range from Ksh 13,000 to Ksh 30,000 for a whole net with a shade net size of 4M*50M. However, you may trim the shade to any size you choose. The following rates are per square meter: Ksh 70 for 35% shading, Ksh 85 for 55% shading, Ksh 105 for 75% shading, and Ksh 160 for 90% shading.
Tree and vegetable seedlings, flowers, foliage plants, medicinal plants, spices, and tissue culture plants are all grown in the shade. You can also use our nets as car parking shades, chicken shades, and other similar applications. Net farming is also profitable to cultivate crops such as strawberries or start a profitable nursery business. They are also crucial because they act as greenhouse nets.
In Kenya, the market for Agro shade nets ranges from 30% to 90%. The mesh rate offered by the nets is represented by the percentage abbreviation. Our nets’ major characteristics are as follows: They have UV protection (5 years Guarantee). They are available in either green or black. Available in 35%, 55%, 75%, and 90% concentrations. Widths of 4 meters and lengths of 50 and 100 meters are standard. Customers can request that shade nets be crocheted to meet their specific demands.
Aqua Hub Kenya are well-known shade net suppliers, dealers, and installers. Shade nets in green and black are available in our store. We have branches in Nairobi and Eldoret. We are a reliable resource for all of your farm inputs and management practices. Call 0790719020 for more information.

Buy quality she Nets today from a trusted supplier

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