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Sustainable Irrigation Systems

When it comes to supply of sustainable irrigation systems in Kenya, Aqua Hub Kenya does it better at low costs. The advantages of purchasing your irrigation systems and accessories are obvious considering a lot of factors.

Our prices surely accommodate everyone be it a small scale or commercial irrigation grower.

Moreover, we have a wonderful customer service and technical team who work hard to ensure your concerns are addressed.

Why Sustainable Irrigation Systems?

Sustainable irrigation systems have proven to be reliable and effective in high production in areas of less water availability.

Irrigation systems provide the ability to distribute water uniformly while enhancing sufficient supply.

There is an ability to control weed growth when water is applied in a precise and controlled way. You can also integrate sustainable irrigation methods into other effective methods of paste control such as mulching.

Precision irrigation methods conserve soil as it enhances moisture availability for survival of microorganisms.

Types of Sustainable Irrigation Systems

Our services are in line with smart irrigation methods that conserve water and enhance high productivity.

We recommend water supply crop product techniques such as drip irrigation, button drippers, rain hose and sprinkler irrigation.

Sustainable Irrigation Systems

How to Choose a Sustainable Irrigation System in Kenya

Even though irrigation can work on any area, there are factors that determine the most ideal method to use.

The type of land is the first thing to consider before deciding on which method to settle with. Water availability, crop type, size of the farm, soil type, climate and projected cost are more factors to look at.

We provide insights and detailed information on the requirements, suitable method and  total cost for a specific land size.  This may be different depending on the crop type, area and land type.

Sustainable Irrigation Systems

Benefits of Sustainable Irrigation Systems

  • Use of sustainable methods makes it easier to reduce water consumption. Provided that you need a schedule to water your crops, you can save water.
  • There is a potential to turn large dry land to green productive fields. With minimum water supply, large dry areas can be converted into agricultural fortunes.
  • Most irrigation methods reduce labour needs and thus cut down the cost of production to a sustainable rate.
  • They are suitable for various landscapes depending on the drainage, soil type and climate.
  • You can irrigate any farm size so long as the water supply is always reliable.
  • Our irrigation systems are environmentally friendly. They do not pollute or affect the environment at any cost. Less impact on soil erosion as well.

Cost of Sustainable Irrigation Systems in Kenya

The prices of irrigation systems are different for each method because the requirements also vary.

Cost of Drip Irrigation System in Kenya

We calculate the cost of drip irrigation basing on the number of drip lines laid on beds. Drip Irrigation can take 1-3 lines on each bed (section). Your crop will dictate the beds to lay.

Size / Lines Per Bed 1 Line 2 Lines 3 Lines
1 Acre 65,000 95,000 130,000
1/2 Acre 30,000 45,000 60,000
1/4 Acre 16,000 25,000 35,000
1/8 Acre 10,000 15,000 20,000

Cost of Button Drippers in Kenya

Button drippers are special emitters that can regulate the amount of water it releases to plants. Normally installed on pipes along plant lines.

The Cost of Button drippers is KES 13 per piece.

Cost of Rain Hose Kits in Kenya

Rain hose pipes distributes water to plants via numerous small holes along the pipe length. The Pipes cost is per the diameter of the pipe.

Diameter (mm) Length (m) price in (KES.)
32mm 50m 3,400
40mm 50m 4,700
50mm 50m 5,500

Cost of Sprinklers in Kenya

Sprinkler irrigation systems use a nozzle to deliver fine sprays of pressure moving water. They work with pumps and pipe connections.

Sprinkler Heads cost can range from KES 150 for smaller types to KES 15,000 for complex and large ones.

Supplier of Sustainable Irrigation Systems

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