Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems : Best 3 Methods in Kenya

Irrigation Systems
Success in agriculture solely depends on the amount and methods of water supply to crops. While several ways of irrigating crops are available, not all crops are compatible with any irrigation systems. This implies that you must understand how an irrigation system works and the suitable crops to water before settling on it. Several modern effective ways of irrigation are available to enhance high-end production and precision in crop production. A high level of productivity can only be achieved when the right setup, accessories, and stakeholders are involved.

Types of Modern Irrigation Systems

  • Drip Irrigation – Involves the direct supply of water to root zones of crops using a pipe network and emitters connected. Drip irrigation is the best method as it saves a lot of water and allows nutrient supply to plants. It is suitable for irrigation of onions, capsicum, tomatoes, strawberries, vegetables, potato, and other crops.
Irrigation Systems
  • Sprinkler Irrigation – modern method of irrigation which supplies water through connection of pipes and sprinkler heads. Water flows through high pressure since the system uses a pump to move water. Sprinkler irrigation is good for a variety of vegetables, maize plantation, sugarcane, lawns, flowers, and trees.
  • Rain hose – Rain hose systems deliver water through a rain hose tape with tiny holes that release rain like throws. It requires high pressure to supply water just like sprinkler irrigation systems. Rain hose systems are good for crops such as carrots, potatoes, onions, avocado, coffee, and seedlings.
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Modern Irrigation System Accessories

Drip Irrigation System Sprinkler Systems Rain Hose Systems
HDPE mainline pipes HDPE pipe Rain hose tape
Drip Emitters 16 mm Lay flat Hose Pipe Mainline HDPE
Risers or PE lateral pipes Sprinkler Heads Water filter
Water filter Risers or tubes Connectors
Fertilizer Kit Connectors Laterals
Ball Valves Stands or stakes End caps
Connectors (start, Tee, end) Water Tanks Ball corks
Check Valves Pump Pumps
Air release valves Fertilizer kit Fertilizer kit
Other non-basic accessories include timers, controllers, booster pumps, and pressure valves. The purchase of irrigation system comes with a complete set of accessories that are connected.
Irrigation Systems

Button dripper irrigation

  How to Choose the Right Irrigation System

There are many factors that come to play when deciding on which irrigation system to go with.
  • Look at the crop you are growing – some crops are suited to specific irrigation systems. Water requirements and fungal infection risk limit such crops like tomatoes to specific methods.
  • Consider the availability of water – Water utilization also varies with the irrigation system.
  • Landscape – drip irrigation works on typically flat areas since it works under low gravitational pressure.
  • Pressure and flow rates – the needs of your irrigation systems will determine the choice of irrigation method to use.
  • Cost – The cost of acquiring and installation of an irrigation system determines which choice to consider.
  • Also think about the type of soil as water retention varies from one soil type to another.
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Benefits of Modern Irrigation Systems in Kenya

  • Unlike traditional methods of irrigation, modern irrigation systems allow maximum water conservation. You can limit the level of water use by ensuring precision or automation that makes irrigation stop when soil is wet.
  • With modern ways you can reduce weed growth immensely by using online water supply drip lines. This type of emitter directs water to plant roots and avoids wetting the soil in between plant lines.
  • Uniform growth rate is achievable with modern irrigation methods because of high flow rates and uniform water supply to all crops.
  • It primarily works to make food production possible in dry seasons and in areas of low rainfall.
  • Methods such as drip irrigation allow use of less water to grow small scale and variety of commercial crops.

Cost of Irrigation Systems Accessories in Kenya

Drip Irrigation Systems costs KES 130,000. Sprinklers: KES 150 to KES 15,000 as per the size of the sprinkler Rain Hose Pipes : KES 3,500 to KES 5,500 per 100m roll depending on the diameter of the pipe.

Suppliers of Modern Irrigation Systems and Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consider water requirements, crop type, land and water availability

Drip irrigation is the most effective way of supplying water to crops.

  • Drip irrigation system.
  • Sprinkler irrigation system
  • Rain hose irrigation

Modern irrigation systems enhance high efficiency and water conservation through precision supply. It lowers labor cost, water consumption and increases production rates.

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