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3 Simple Best Micro Irrigation Systems

Micro Irrigation Systems

Agriculture can generate more returns on investment placed in inputs, irrigation, and crop propagation if resources are utilized and controlled properly. Several micro irrigation systems are efficient in water conservation but vary in crop and farm applications.

What is micro-irrigation?

Micro irrigation is the application of small amounts of water to crops in the form of direct droplets or fine sprays directly to the root zones.

Much of the water reaching the root zones of the crops is absorbed immediately and thus boosting the rate of use.

A micro irrigation system is a combination of pipes, emitters, driplines and fittings that supply water to plant fields on an efficient manner.

The system delivers water to the soil in an overhead manner through micro drip lines, emitters, or small plastic micro sprinkler heads.

Smart Micro Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation – involves the connection of drip lines and supply pipes that distribute less quantities of water to crops in plant lines.

With drip irrigation, the important consideration is on the driplines or emitters that act on the needed water to influence plant growth.

Button Drippers – The button dripper effect and layout and application is similar to drip irrigation only that the difference comes in the flow rate.

The button drippers have a sort of enhanced button-like emitters that release water in a canopy shape effect.

The emitters are placed on top of the mainline and connected to have each crop on a section with a drip emitter.

Micro Sprinkler heads – Have an overhead irrigation effect but are operational on a lower pressure level. They can work on a garden or greenhouse environment. The layout may be in a suspended or upright position depending  on the crops.

Benefits of Micro Irrigation Systems

Maximized productivity.

The use of micro-irrigation has a good impact on boosting crop production in a field due to a high water delivery rate on the root sections.

Better Quality of Yield and crop

Plants develop quality and higher produce yield due to less spread of diseases or weed competition for nutrients.

Fertilizer and Water Saving

Micro irrigation systems utilizes fertilizer that you can apply on the crop fields much of it goes to the roots of the crops. The fertilizer is not lost to the areas between plant lines hence saving on the cost needed for top dressing.

Flexible to use in a Wide Crop range

It works on a variety of crops, landscapes, and other irrigation methods. Micro irrigation can be designed to provide adequate water needs to many field crops.

Better for Environmental Conservation

Micro irrigation systems reduce the reliance on fuel or electricity-operated high-pressure pump systems. Therefore, the release of carbon and smoke is greatly reduced and thus helps conserve the environment.

Land utilization.

Dry areas can be made productive by distributing drilled borehole water using micro-irrigation methods. Less water can irrigate large tracts of land under drip irrigation systems or emitters.

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