Shade Nets

Shade Nets for Agriculture

Shade Nets for Agriculture

Aqua Hub’s Shade nets for agriculture are high quality, hard monofilament mesh-like fabrics for shielding crops against sunlight.
The design of the fabric material, from UV resistant polythene materials withstands extreme conditions. Shade nets can resist wear, physical tear force and UV radiation effect.
UV protection shields plants from harmful suns’ rays and ensures vital growth of plants.

Shade Nets in Kenya

Shade nets are used for agriculture in extremely hot areas to provide a cooling effect on plants during the day. The high temperatures cause high evaporation which may affect plant growth.

Features of Shade nets

  • Longevity – Shade nets are long-lasting. They function for a long time without tearing up or losing colour.
  • UV resistance – Resistant to Ultraviolet radiation.
  • Colour – Black or green in colour.
  • Structure – The structure of our shade nets is a fishnet like material. Has a course texture.
  • Material – Our shade nets are plastic HDPE fabric materials.

Available Shade nets

Aqua Hub Kenya has various types of shade nets available for sale. The shade nets type is categorized according to the percentage of sunlight they filter.
Each shade net percentage is suitable for different crops depending on water and temperature requirement.
Our shade net percentages are as follows.

  • 35 % – Shade Cloth for applications that require less dense shade protection.
  • 55 % – It is ideal for scenarios where moderate sunlight is beneficial, but protection from harsher elements is still necessary.
  • 75 % – Good for a plant that requires lower sunlight intensity.
  • 90 % – Suitable for environments that are extremely hot and require high sunlight regulation. Plants that need lower sun intensities (shade loving plants)

Applications of Shade Nets

  1. Nurseries
    Shade netting is a good practice for tree and seedling nursery farming. Nets offer ideal growth conditions and offer security to seedlings as well.
  2. Vegetable gardens
    Vegetables such as tomato, kale, and spinach are planted in shade houses to ensure healthy and less water loss.
  3. Greenhouse temperature control
    Shade nets offer an ideal temperature for growth of greenhouse plants by acting as a ventilator. When heat is high, it allows air into the greenhouse and releases hot air outside.
  4. Shade houses for shade loving plants and herbs.
    Shade-loving plants always require a cool temperature for growth and retention of water.

Shade Net Prices in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya sells affordable shade nets at different prices depending on the sunlight filtration rate. The prices are:

  • 35 % net sells at KES. 16,000
  • 55 % net costs KES. 18,000
  • 75 % net cost KES. 25,000
  • 90 % net goes at KES. 36,000

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