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Rain Pipe Irrigation System

Rain Pipe Irrigation System

A Rain Pipe Irrigation system is a simple and efficient method to water your garden or farm crops. The irrigation system consists of porous hose pipes that releases water along its entire length at even spaces.
Rain hose systems are water efficient, meaning that they supply enough water to your crops in a shorter time. The flow rate is lower, but the wetting pattern or surface covers a large place.

What you Need to Set up Rain Pipe Irrigation System

A rain hose irrigation system will require a bunch of rain hose pipes and other kits to enhance effective uninterruptible water supply.
The rain hose irrigation kits include several items.

 Mainline pipes – In the mainline connection, you can use PVC or HDPE pipes. Both are available at varying rates at Aqua Hub Kenya as per diameter size.

Start or off-take connectors – They connect the hose pipes to the mainline pipes.

Middle connectors – Available in many types, for connecting hose pipes together or mainline to sub mainline. You can use elbow, Tee, straight connectors for a rain hose pipe irrigation system.
End caps – Sealing the pipes ends of delivery pipes is necessary to prevent water running out of the pipe.
Pump – to run a rain hose irrigation system, you need a pump, with a pressure rate of at least 3 bars. This ensures that the desired flow rate is achieved.

Flow Rate and Spraying Width

The rate of flow and throw head varies as per the size of the delivery hose pipes. Usually 40-70 L/H according to pipe diameter size and pressure rating of a pump. The spray width ranges from 3-5 m for all diameter sizes.

How to Assemble Rain Pipe Irrigation system

Start by laying the mainline pipe on the ground. Depending on the desired layout, you can install it underground on a trench or above the ground surface. Use a mainline pipe of bigger diameter size than the delivery rain hose pipe.
The next step is to connect the rain hose pipe to the mainline pipe. Attach start connectors and insert the one-inch hose pipe onto the connection. The offtake you choose depends on the size of mainline and delivery pipes to connect.
Once you have a pipe connection, seal the delivery hose pipe at the end using a suitable end cap. Similarly, end caps sizes will vary according to the size of the delivery hose pipes. Always choose the right threaded fit.

Where to Apply Rain Hose Pipes

Rain pipe irrigation systems are appropriate for most well drained and water retentive soils. The soil type and structure will determine the frequency of irrigating your crops.
Rain Hose pipes are ideal for vegetables, trees, lawns, and grasses. You can also use it to water flowers, tree hedges, potted plants, and fruits.

Rain Hose Prices in Kenya

The cost of rain pipe irrigation systems depends on some suppliers and other factors such as size and pressure rating.
We sell at the following prices.

Size Length Price (KES)
32mm 50m      3,500.00
40mm 50m      5,500.00
50mm 50m      7,500.00

Purchasing Rain Hose Kits (Who is the Best Supplier?)

Aqua Hub Kenya is the most ideal supplier for affordable rain pipe systems. Our polythene rain hoses come with pre-installed emitter holes that make it easier for installation and irrigation.

Contact Aqua Hub Kenya 0790719020

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