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Quality Water Pumps for Shallow Wells in 2024

Water Pumps for Shallow Wells

Water Pumps for Shallow Wells that can reach a maximum of 25 to 30 ft deep.

Can be used for domestic water supply such as from underground shallow well to the storey buildings in Urban areas. Shallow well pumps are installed outside the well or onto the well casing.

Can be used in small scale irrigation such as lawns, and flower beds.

Can also be used in schools for kitchen, bathroom, and cleaning purposes.

Water Pumps for Shallow Wells

Specifications of Water Pumps for shallow Wells

  • Suitable for 0 to 25 ft deep wells.
  • Works with a single 1¼” single pipe.
  • Suitable for thin and less reactive liquids without solid particles

Requirements for a Complete Installation of Shallow Well Pumps

  • Jet Pumps – To enhance suction and pumping of water from the well to the point of use.
  • Pressure tank – Balances the pressure of the water to prevent the pump from damage due to changes in pressure.
  • 1¼’’ suction pipe – to supply water from the well to the pump impeller for distribution to supply pipe.
  • Foot valve – to prevent the water from flowing back to the well during suction.
  • 20 m cable

How To install Shallow Well Pumps in Kenya

  1. Choose the pump.
  2. Choose a location to install the pump – Consider power source and the depth of the well.
  3. Conduct the necessary wiring from the power source to the pump. NB: Don’t forget the power control switch.
  4. Connect the piping to the pump according to manufacturers. Use thread tapes to avoid leakages.
  5. Connect float switch to avoid dry running of the pump.
  6. Lower the pump to the well and position it.
  7. Enhance other safety measures before testing the pump.
  8. Prime and test your pump.

How Water Pumps for Shallow Wells Works

In shallow well pumps, shallow well jet pumps have impellers which force water out of the pump through a narrow constriction. As water enters the narrow constriction, speed increases causing a pressure drop, thus more suction. The water is then released at the end point at high pressure.

How to Choose Water Pumps for Shallow wells

  •  Flow rate – Flow rate is a considerable factor as you want to get a pump that meets the needs of your water supply. Obviously, high household connection and variety of water uses requires pumps with high flow rates.
  • Source of power – The availability of power will determine the type of shallow well pump to acquire. If you have access to electricity, you will need an electric pump. On the other hand, if you lack electricity, you can choose a solar water pump.
  • Pump Head – What distance is the well from the point where water will be stored or used. Choose a pump with the right pump head to ensure water reaches the desirable destination.
  • Depth of the well – The depth determines the pump to use. For 0-25 ft choose a shallow well jet pump.
  • Pump type.
  • Durability and maintenance – You always need to consider the ease of maintenance and how long a pump lasts. Go for pumps that are well known and have spare parts available for convenience during repairs.
  • Cost – The cost of the pump is another factor to consider. Always consider what you can manage to buy and maintain.
  • Water quality – The quality of water dictates the pump accessories to purchase. You need to include water filters once you notice any silt in your water.
  • Diameter of the well casing – The diameter of the well casing determines the type of pump to choose. For wells more than 4 inches wide, you need to use a shallow well jet pump.
  • Volume of water required – Consider the total estimate of water needed by all the water consumption applications to determine the pump to use.

Advantages of Water Pumps for Shallow Wells

  • Easy to Install
  • Highly reliable and can be linked to float switch to allow automatic water pumping.
  • Water Pumps for Shallow Wells are easy to use and require less maintenance.
  • Shallow well pumps are durable as they are made of quality materials. Stainless steel casing.
  • They have wide range of water applications
  • Available in a variety of types and sizes to choose from.
  • Less prone to failures or damages

Shallow Well Water Pump Prices

 The cost of Shallow well water Pumps in Kenya ranges from KES 15,000 to KES 100,000 as per the size.

Shallow Well Water Pumps Suppliers in Kenya

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