Profile and Wiggle wires for Greenhouse

Among the essential tools for a greenhouse, installation is the profile and wiggle wires for the greenhouse. The greenhouse films and bug nets are fastened using aluminum profiles and spring steel wiggling wires that have plastic coatings. The finest greenhouse film attaching technique currently available on the market combines profile and zigzag wire (wiggle wire). To your greenhouse frame or end wall, it can be used to secure greenhouse polythene, insect net, shade net, or two layers of greenhouse plastic. We have the best quality and affordable Profile and Wiggle wires for the Greenhouse.

Profile for Greenhouse

The primary role of greenhouse profiles is the plastic locking enclosure, mesh, and polycarbonate (as chosen enclosure material), and they also serve as structural reinforcements. The proportions of the profiles are conventional, however, they may vary depending on the requirements of the greenhouse project.

Wiggle wires for Greenhouse

Spring lock wire, commonly known as wiggle wire, is an excellent choice for attaching your greenhouse covering to your greenhouse. It is critical that the temperature in the greenhouse remains warm and consistent in order to keep whatever you are growing at a suitable temperature. That cannot happen with a greenhouse covering that is continually deteriorating. Wiggle wire links the two pieces of polyethylene plastic greenhouse covering to the greenhouse sidewalls. Allowing air to be pushed between the two plastic sheets generates an air cushion that functions as a barrier, regulating the temperature between the inside and outside of the greenhouse.

Profile and Wiggle wires for Greenhouse
Profile and Wiggle wires for Greenhouse

The features of Profile and Wiggle wires for Greenhouse

  • A special PE coating developed to fit polyethylene and extend the life of polythene.
  • It can be used several times.
  • They’re made of aluminum and zinc-plated.
  • The exact design and consistent length.
  • Dimensional precision.
  • Simple to use.
  • Because they are light, they are simple to transport.
  • Material of high grade.
  • Aluminum that resists rust.

The required number of profile and wiggle wires for each greenhouse size

Green House SizeNumber  of profilesNumber of Wires Tapping Screws
8×15 mtrs 2550 250
8×24 mtrs33060400
8×30 mtrs3570500
10×30 mtrs4590750

Affordable, reliable, and high-quality Aluminum wiggles are available at Aqua Hub. For Ks 550, we provide a combo pack or bundle pack that includes 1 profile and 2 wires. The retail price for a carton of 250 self-tapping screws is Ks 750. Purchase profiles of the highest caliber for a reasonable price at Aqua Hub Kenya. Call NAIROBI at 0790719020 or ELDORET at 0759372241 for further details.

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