Irrigation Pipes

Irrigation Pipes in Kenya

Irrigation Pipes in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has variety of HDPE, PVC, PE and Hose pipes for drip, rain hose and sprinkler irrigation systems. Our pipes are available in diameter ranges of 16mm to 90 mm and varying sizes as per the application.

Physical Features of Our Irrigation Pipes

We mainly deal in the sale of pipes made of plastic durable materials: high density polythene, polyvinyl chloride and Polythene pipes. Our pipes are of wall thickness sizes ranging from PN10 to PN16.
We also deal in installation of at affordable costs depending on farm sizes.

Types of Irrigation Pipes

Irrigation pipes are categorized into various types depending on the material they are made of.
The common types of water irrigation pipes in Kenya include:

HDPE Pipes

We supply HDPE pipes made of new UV treated materials to curb the effect of Ultraviolet radiation. Our HDPE pipes are durable and hard to resist breaks and punctures.
The flexibility, resistance, and pressure compensation of HDPE pipes is a great facet that makes them useful in irrigation systems. They can work best as mainline pipes and sub-mainline pipes of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.

PVC pipes

Pipes are made of Polyvinyl chloride materials; they are light and portable. They can withstand harsh weather for quite a long time, suitable for surface or underground irrigation.
Due to their ease of connection, installation, and waterproof features, PVC pipes are applicable as mainline and sub-mainline pipes in irrigation systems. The pipes can conform to most fittings and pipes thus suitable for use.

Poly tubes

They are made of poly tubes, flexible and light tapes for drip or rain hose irrigation. Poly tubes are waterproof and work under varying pressure ranges. Easy to

puncture to enable drip or rain hose irrigation.

Lay Flat Hose pipes

Rain Hose Pipes or flexible pipes made of poly pipes. Normally good for use as delivery pipes in drip, sprinkler, and rain hose pipes.

Pipe Connection

Connecting pipes requires the use of connectors and fittings to enhance long distance supply and convenience in pathways of pipes. Most pipes are flexible, but some pipes such as PVC do not bend to navigate through corners. Some pipes can have short standard length or diameter which do not suit the requirements of water supply.
To supply water in all types of terrains, you require suitable fittings.

Fittings are available in various types for different types of pipes. Different fittings are available: Straight connectors, elbow connectors, middle connectors, reducing connectors, adapters, end plugs, tank connectors, couplings, ball valves, union fittings, etc, …

Uses of Pipes

  1. Supply of fluids and gases in industries
  2. Water treatment plants
  3. Sewage supply systems
  4. Oil distribution in pipelines
  5. Water supply in domestic settings
  6. Supply of water for irrigation

Irrigation Pipes prices in Kenya

Pipe Thickness size Cost per meter (KES)
16 mm 20/=
20 mm 35/=
25 mm 40/=
32 mm 50/=
40 mm 85/=
50 mm 130/=
63 mm 180/=

Where to Buy Irrigation Pipes in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the supplier of all types of irrigation pipes in Kenya. We sell HDPE pipes, PVC and Rain hose lay flat pipes.

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