Greenhouse Price and Cost in Kenya

Greenhouse Price and Cost in Kenya vary according to the size of the greenhouse. Greenhouse prices and costs in Kenya are being modified to accommodate farmers’ needs. Our greenhouses are of metal or wood. Determination of the cost of a greenhouse is by the material one uses to construct it. A metallic greenhouse, for example, is more expensive than a wooden greenhouse since it costs more to create and install. Aqua Hub Kenya provides the best and most reasonably priced Greenhouses.

Greenhouse farming Kenya

In a country where agriculture is viewed as the most readily available economic activity and source of wealth creation, any creative and productive agricultural method may be quickly adopted. This explains why greenhouse farming is becoming increasingly popular across the country. Agriculture’s popularity can also be attributed to people’s dependence on it as a genuine money-making endeavor.

Due to unforeseen weather swings and adverse weather conditions that are generally damaging to most crops, farmers in the country are being compelled to investigate greenhouse farming. It is the use of a metal or wood greenhouse to promote the healthy, consistent development of crops and flowers. This is done by retaining the heat necessary by the plant for fast development within the greenhouse’s exceptional environment.

Types of Greenhouses and their prices

There are several varieties of greenhouses on the market nowadays. They are available in a variety of sizes and forms, as well as various materials and heating methods. Aqua Hub provides metallic and wooden greenhouses. Our greenhouse rates vary depending on the type of greenhouse, the size of the greenhouse, and any other services that one may want. Prices for wooden greenhouses vary from those for metallic greenhouses.

Metallic greenhouse Price and Cost in Kenya

Steel Greenhouses from Aqua Hub are custom-made to meet the demands of farmers and erected in the quickest time feasible. Our steel galvanized greenhouse cost is reasonable and long-lasting. Aqua Hub Kenya professionals provide one-of-a-kind constructions with guaranteed stability. The scope of Metallic Greenhouse Prices in Kenya is extensive.

Greenhouse SizeEstimated Crop PopulationCost of Construction
 ( 8 x 15 ) Meters450- 500240,000
 ( 8 x 24 ) Meters700-800270,000
 ( 8 x 30) Meters1000-1200365,000
 (16x 30) Meters1500- 2000700,000

Wooden greenhouse Price and Cost in Kenya

In Kenya, a wooden greenhouse minimizes the farmer’s investment cost when compared to a galvanized building. Aqua Hub Kenya gives farmers the option of using locally available materials to create greenhouses in Kenya. Greenhouse prices in Kenya vary based on size. These greenhouse rates in Kenya will also vary depending on the greenhouse’s size and polythene cover.

Greenhouse SizeEstimated Crop PopulationCost of Construction
 (8 x 15) Meters450- 500165,000
 (8 x 24) Meters700-800180,000
 (8 x 30) Meters1000-1200240,000
 (8 x 45) Meters1500- 2000390,000

The determination of construction cost is by size and material one uses The greenhouse framework includes the columns, beams, straps, and other components that support the roof, wind, rain, snow, positioned mechanisms that overburden trellising plants, and so forth. The amount of shading and internal flexibility should be maintained to a minimum.

Why greenhouse farming

  1. Greenhouses use substantially less water than normal farming because they retain moisture.
  2. Cropping length is reduced while crop quality is increased.
  3. Temperature and humidity are precisely controlled to satisfy the plants’ demands.
  4. Greenhouses are the best place to grow high-value crops.
  5. Greenhouses may also be used to grow off-season crops.
  6. Educated youngsters can build self-employment opportunities by using greenhouses.
  7. Pests are pretty simple to control.
  8. It is very flexible since crops may be grown in a range of conditions.

Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best and most economical Greenhouse at affordable prices. We provide both metallic and wooden greenhouses. We also offer tips on best greenhouses practices that farmers should adopt. For more details, contact: NAIROBI: 0790719020 | ELDORET: 0759372241

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