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Functions of Shade Nets

Functions of Shade Nets

Functions of Shade Nets |Shade nets have a wide range of applications and roles in Agriculture and other fields. The common functions of shade nets are:

Reducing the impact of Direct sunlight

Shade net threaded surfaces block the excessive sunlight that affects the growth of plants. When growing plants that have a low sunlight requirement always choose a shade net of 35 % or 55 %. Similarly, for low sunlight requirement in certain plants, choose a shade cloth of 75 % or 90 %.

Special sunlight beams

Some shade net colours reflect or transmit a certain beam of light which can impact the chemical processes in flowering plants. For example, red shade nets could lead to a faster transmission of red light to enhance higher growth rate in tomatoes, peppers, and flowers.

Temperature control

Shade nets regulate temperature to an optimum level in gardens and shade houses. High temperature that exceeds 25 degrees leads to burning and high-water loss in plants foliage. In hot areas it is ideal to provide shade to avoid plants from drying up.

Moisture retention in soil

Like mulching paper, prevents direct exposure of soil to the soil. The little light that penetrates cannot absorb or cause soil evaporation. Therefore, plants access moisture from the soil at any time they need.

Protection from Rainstorms and hails

Heavy rainstorms and hailstones can seriously damage the plant’s flowers, leaves, and stems. Thus, plants are unable to produce fruits, leaves or required flowers. Shade netting protects plants from such weather effects during rainy seasons.

The force in which rain drops fall on plants is reduced by shade nets hence low impact.

Resistance to strong winds

Strong winds can break the stems and branches of plants thereby reducing the losses that could have occurred in bare fields. The mesh cloths reduce the speed and force of the wind.

Heat retention

Shade nets as well can trap heat the same way it can block sunlight from reaching plants. The heat retained will enhance the warmer conditions for plant growth.

Shade nets are significant for growing plants and flower seedlings, tree seedlings and herbs. Always consider building a proper shade net structure for effective shade netting in your orchards and gardens.

Cost of Shade Nets in Kenya

Penetration rate (Filtration rate %) Length (meters)  Price (KSH)
30% 4 × 50      13,000.00
55% 4 × 50      16,000.00
75% 4 × 50      19,000.00
95% 4 × 50      30,000.00

Where Can I Buy a Quality Shade Net?

Functions of Shade Nets

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