Dam Liners

Dam Liner Sizes and Prices in Kenya

Dam Liner Sizes and Prices in Kenya

Dam Liner Sizes and Prices in Kenya |With increasing impacts of climate change daily, Kenya and the world at large is emphasizing on the need to conserve water. With the alarming scarcity of clean water for domestic use, irrigation water is also a big concern to enhance food security. Therefore, modern solutions such as dam lining on dams, ponds and tanks have been brought into action to enhance water saving.

Considerations for Dam Liner Prices in Kenya

Dam Liners prices vary according to the various factors. The common factors include;

  • Material used – The material of the dam liner greatly influences the price or valuation of the liner. For instance, HDPE dam liners are more costly than PVC and LDPE (low Density Poly Ethene)dam liners
  • Thickness level – The thickness size of a dam liner indicates its cost price. The lower the thickness size, the lower the price.
  • Quality of the Liner – The higher the quality or new dam liners are expensive as compared to recycled or low-quality dam lining materials. In addition, UV treated liners such as HDPE are costlier than other dam liner materials.
  • Size of the Project – If the project is big, you spend more in excavation, purchase of Dam liner and installation labour required.

Specifications of Dam Liners

  • Made of Geomembrane materials such as HDPE (High Density poly ethene) or PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) plastics.
  • They are available in various thickness levels such as 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, and 1 mm.
  • The sizes vary depending on common dimensions of dams and ponds.
  • Dam Liners are packed in rolls for efficiency and transportation ease.

Characteristics or Description of Dam Liners

  • Dam Liners are black to absorb or lose heat.
  • They are heavy, thick, and smooth materials.
  • Joining dam liners is easier and effective for large projects. Welding technology enhances dam liners to join to each other easily and leaks sealed.
  • Liners have a heavy weight that cannot be removed or carried away by water.
  • Blanket films that do not soak or allow water to pass through easily.

Applications of Dam Liners


Dam liners have a wide range of uses. They include:

  • Floor geomembranes in mining and extraction sites
  • Construction materials in buildings and foundations of floors in housing projects
  •  Sewage pool linings
  •  Concrete tank lining to prevent leakage and seepage.
  •  Lining of fish ponds
  • Lining of Dams and Electricity generation dams or plants.

Dam Liner Sizes and Prices in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya Supplies quality HDPE dam liners at prices that are affordable to all. The prices of Dam liners per square meters are as follows:

  • 0.3 mm at KES. 200/=
  • 0.5 mm at KES. 240/=
  • 0.75 mm at KES.360/=
  • 1.0 mm at KES. 440/=

Dam Liner Suppliers in Kenya

To obtain information, on Dam Liner availability, costs, and orders, contact Aqua Hub Kenya.
We provide detailed information, quotes and assistance in choosing the right dam liner for your project.
Contact 0790719020 or email info@aquahubkenya.co.ke.

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