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Crop Protection Measures for El-Nino

Crop Protection Measures

Are you aware of crop protection measures to adopt in this ongoing heavy rainfall occurring at most parts of Kenya? Let’s look at the reasonable ways to make your farming venture secure.

What are El Niño Rains?

El Niño rains are known to cause heavy rainfall because of high rise of ocean water. It can irrevocably result in hefty losses to farmers in affected areas as well as other areas indirectly. The future seasons depend on the status of crop production.

How is it a threat to future Food Security?

If crop produces are low, the future rate of hunger and food insecurity rises.
Despite these rainfalls having a positive impact in drought prone areas, it can be damaging to areas with reliable rainfall. The rate of rainfall that occurs during this phenomenon normally exceeds expectation and normally turns out to be disastrous.

What measures should farmers take?


Farmers who are most likely to be affected are those on flat and slopy terrains. Flat areas are prone to flooding while steep slopes experience high rates of soil erosion.
Farmers in flat areas should dig trenches to direct water out of the farms in case of heavy floods. Those on steep slopes must construct terraces or plant soil holding plants and trees across the slopes.


Mulching is a good approach to making soil intact especially during rainfall and precipitation. As known, most crops have shallow roots which have poor anchorage to the ground. Heavy ground flow easily uproots them if less protected. You can use organic mulch or artificial mulching papers in Kenya to prevent water from wiping away outfield crops.

Greenhouse and in-house farming

Embracing greenhouse farming is also important for uninterruptible all-season farming. Despite the high costs of starting greenhouse farming in Kenya, its benefits are higher compared to open field farming.
Opting for resistant and cold resistant crops can be a good option to adopt if you explore the better method to adopt.

Crop Protection Measures for El Nino :Weed and Pest Control

The weed growth is likely to go up because of moisture availability, and increased use of fertilizers and pests leads to environmental pollution. We recommend the use of shade nets and mulching paper to suppress weeds in crop farms.
Low growth of weeds means reduction in pest activity as the hideouts are removed.

Shade Netting

Shade netting is the use of shade nets to prevent high temperature and humidity that can affect plants

Which Shade net can shield crop from Heavy Rainfall effect

You can use a knitted shade net to protect your crops from exposure to harmful humidity levels during this El Niño period. The best shade net level to lower rainfall damages on crops and humidity effect is 75 or 90 percent.

Cost of Shade Nets in Kenya

Shade Net Percentage Cost (KES)
35 16,000
55 18,000
75 25,000
90 36,000

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