Aqua Hub: Greenhouse Company

Aqua Hub: Greenhouse Company

Aqua Hub: Greenhouse Company is one of the most popular greenhouse design and construction company. We majorly deal in setting up viable greenhouse structures but also come up with suitable dimensions. The sole knowledge on how to construct, materials and supervision also comes from us at affordable costs.

Starting Greenhouse Farming

Normally, before you set up or decide to major in greenhouse farming, you ought to have decided on the profitable crop to grow. However, if you decide to build a greenhouse without certainly knowing what to grow, we can help settle on a good crop choice. We have extensive and reliable expertise on suitable and profitable crops to propagate on your greenhouse.
Some farmers may wonder how greenhouses are important in agriculture. The answer is simple, greenhouses regulate or provides optimum environmental conditions for growth of plants. Plants like humans are living things, and require shelter from heavy rain, scorching sun, and other environmental conditions. Without shelter or protection, they die or develop stunted growth

Why Choose Aqua Hub

Aqua hub Kenya being an agribusiness offers better ways to integrate with greenhouse farming with a view of increasing productivity. Methods such as mulching and shade netting are modern methods of enhancing organic farming in greenhouse farming. Our aim is to lower the use of chemicals which have been associated with greenhouse farming to better production.
We sell greenhouse construction materials and conduct the actual construction at the site. All greenhouse accessories such as greenhouse covers, galvanized steel bars and profiles, nails, screws, and wires are available. We also deal in wooden greenhouses, insect nets, shade nets and gutters.
Our products and services are affordable and the perfect deal you will probably find on the market.

Features of Aqua Hub Greenhouses

We construct greenhouses that have various features that enhance effectiveness. They include:

  • Ventilation – Our greenhouses have ventilation that enhances aeration and cooling effects during the day. This helps prevent plants from burning out due to extreme temperatures. The ventilation can either be on the roof or on the top of the edges.
  • Design – Our greenhouses have various designs; tunnel and vent shapes. The designs depend on the direction of the wind and size of the greenhouse.
  • Support Structures – Crop support structures are additional features to our greenhouses. While some crops may not require crop support, others such as tomato plants will surely need them.
  • Irrigation System – drip irrigation kit comes with greenhouse materials for supply of water to the crops.
  • Polythene Covering – A Quality 200-micron UV treated polythene film offers cover to greenhouse crops. The material is transparent to allow light inside and acts as an insulator to retain warmth.

Aqua Hub Greenhouse Types

Wooden Greenhouses

These are greenhouses made of wooden skeletal structures and covered with polythene covers. They are cheap and easier to construct though not durable long enough.

Metallic Greenhouses

Metallic greenhouses are made of galvanized steel structures fixed together by screws and covered with polythene covers.

These greenhouses are stable and lasts longer than wooden greenhouses.

Aqua Hub Greenhouse Dimensions

We construct various greenhouse dimensions and sizes, be it metallic or wooden. The common sizes are;

  • 8 x 15 m
  • 8 x 24 m
  • 8 x 30 m
  • 16 x 24 m
  • 16 x 30 m

Other sizes can be constructed, but the problem arises when it comes to stability.

How Do We Ensure Stability?
For a greenhouse to be stable, we often encourage clients to ensure the area is flat, free from winds and has good drainage.
The stability of a greenhouse is the most important factor to consider. Building with quality materials on a poor or water logging terrain cannot guarantee longevity.
Your project will last longer only if you have a strong structure that can resist all environmental hazards.

Cost of Greenhouse Construction (Aqua Hub: Greenhouse Company)

Size in Square meters  Cost in (KES.)
8mx15m KES. 200,000
8mx24m KES. 270,000
8×30 KES.  340,000
16×30 KES. 650,000

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