Affordable Greenhouse Cover Prices in Kenya

Greenhouse Cover Prices in Kenya vary depending on the size and microns but are typically Ksh 100 per square meter. Aqua Hub is Kenya’s most economical supply of greenhouse paper. We have different costs based on the size you choose. We provide three distinct types of greenhouse polythene sheets, each with a different micron count and UV treatment. Greenhouse polythene may be applicable in both high and low-altitude settings.

Affordable Greenhouse Cover Prices in Kenya
Affordable Greenhouse Cover Prices in Kenya

Our polythene greenhouse sheeting is professionally crafted with crop cultivation in mind. Color options, paper thickness, UV protection, and leak resistance are covered. The structure of the greenhouse, whether wooden or metallic, does not affect the type of polythene paper used. Similarly, the architecture of the greenhouse—vented or tunnel—has no bearing on the paper color chosen. The sort of polythene cover you use for your greenhouse is determined by the crop you produce.

The thickness and treatment of Greenhouse paper in Kenya

Greenhouse polythene paper is available in various gauges, primarily 150, 180, and 200 microns. The most popular plastic films in Kenya are 200 microns thick. A caliper is applicable to determine the precise thickness.

Films made of plastic for agriculture must be UV-stabilized. Better strength is provided by doing this, which also blocks the sun’s harmful rays, extending durability. Non-UV-treated films will deteriorate as quickly as feasible. It must also be translucent to effectively disperse light, bounce the available sunshine, and lessen shadows.

What are the types of greenhouse covers and their prices in Kenya?

We have different types of greenhouse covers in Kenya. Clear and yellow are the two primary hues of greenhouse polythene. The other greenhouse type is milky white. The type you choose will depend on the crop you are growing. Our greenhouse polythene costs Ksh 100 per square meter in Kenya and comes in the colors described above.

ColorMicronsPrices (Ksh)
 Yellow200    100/-
Milky White200    100/-
Clear200    100/-

Types of Greenhouse Polythene and their Ideal crops

The two main colors of greenhouse polythene are clear (sometimes known as milky white) and yellow. The crop that is grown will determine the color selections. Warmer and higher altitudes are perfect for yellow greenhouse films. They do a fantastic job of staying clear of drips and fog. It is strongly advised to use cucumber and vivid plants, namely flowers and growers. Nectarine Farms in high altitudes or regions with exceptionally low temperatures should utilize clear or milky white greenhouse films. Compared to the daytime, they are a little bit warmer at night. They are perfect for plants like tomatoes and peppers.

ColorMicronsIdeal climate & Crops
 Yellow200Colder temperatures and higher altitudesCucumbers and colorful plants, primarily flowers
Milky White200High elevations or areas with extremely low temperatures.Peppers and tomatoes.
Clear200High elevations or areas with extremely low temperatures. Peppers and tomatoes.

You may get the best and finest greenhouse polythene paper from Aqua Hub Limited. Our greenhouse polythene paper is extremely reasonably priced in Kenya. We also provide every piece of greenhouse equipment you would want for building a greenhouse. We are a licensed business in Kenya that offers greenhouse installation services. Contact us at NAIROBI: 0790719020 or ELDORET: 0759372241 for the best greenhouse prices.

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