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1-Acre Drip Kits-Aqua Hub

1-Acre Drip Kits-Aqua Hub

1-Acre Drip Kits-Aqua Hub Kenya LTD’s are most ideal for your gardens, farms, and greenhouses.

Aqua Hub’s drip kits are quality and made of HDPE and PVC materials that operate for a long time without failure or breakdown.
Our drip kits are designed to enhance control of water flow into the garden or plant lines. Several features allow direct control and precise flow of water to plants in any setting or application. Such features are:

  1. Compatible Material – Our drip kits are plastic materials that resist high pressure, corrosion, and harsh weather conditions. The plastic pipes are hard and withstand mechanical force, degradation, and water flow.
  2. Efficiency – Drip kits use lower water and nutrient input to enhance a higher rate of growth and production.
  3. Balance in water application – Since water is the main resource, our drip kits are water-saving. With evenly spaced pipes and emitter holes, they enhance equal water outreach to all crops.
  4. Long term operation – with long-lasting features, our kits function for a long period without the need for repair.
  5. Space utilization – The layout and set-up of drip irrigation system take up a small space in your farm. Less space for laying pipes and footpaths.
  6. Ease of installation and repair – Our drip kits are easier to install and repair since they have connection features and threads.

Drip Irrigation Kits (What is Included?)

Aqua Hub drip kits have a range of accessories that have specific uses and roles in irrigation.

  • Drip emitters or tapes – These are the actual pipes that distribute water directly to the roots of plant zones.
  • End Caps – End caps complete the pipeline and prevent water from flowing out of the pipe in the end.
  •  Fertilizer tanks – Enhances mixing and introduction of fertilizers to the drip irrigation system.
  • Mainline and Sub mainline (HDPE or PVC Pipe) – Connects and supply water to the drip emitters in different farm sections.
  • Start and middle connectors – to enhance pipe to pipe connections, making joins, branches, and connections.
  • Valves – controls the flow of water in drip irrigation systems.
  • Rubber grommets – enhance secure and leak-free connections in pipes.
  • Filters – remove sand.

Prices of 1-Acre Drip Kits-Aqua Hub Kenya

The cost of Aqua Hub 1-Acre drip kits depends on the size, material, and pressure rating of the pipe.
The cost of our 1-acre drip kits is below.

Size/ Line per bed 1 Line 2 lines 3 Lines
1 acre 75000 130000 160000
1/2 acre 40000 61000 71000
1/4 acre 28000 40000 50000
1/8 acre 13000 23000 26000

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