Anti-Insect Nets

Buy Insect Nets at affordable prices at Aqua Hub Kenya. Available in different sizes and textures.

They are UV-resistant greenhouse nets used to protect crops from damages caused by insects while ensuring that the crops are free from diseases or infections brought about by insects.
Our nets are available in the following specifications
(i) Dimensions – 3mts (width)*50mtrs(length), 2.5mtrs(width)*50mtrs(length),
2.5mtrs(width)*100mtrs(length), 5.5mtrs (width)*30mtrs(length)
(ii) Mesh – 40% mesh
(iii) Color – white

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What are Anti-Insect Nets?

Insect nets are used to keep insect pests out of greenhouses and net houses, preventing crop damage. Anti-Insect Greenhouse Net is recommended for the construction of low-cost green houses and net houses. It can increase vegetable yields by up to 40% while reducing pesticide use by up to 80%.
The Net is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) net used in the protected cultivation of horticultural crops. This include vegetables, fruit, and ornamentals to modify microclimates and exclude insect pests and birds.

Insect NetsWhat are the features of Insect Nets?

  • UV treatment is available. This is done to keep UV rays from reflecting off crops and causing rapid degradation of the net. The net has a useful life of six years.
  • Insect nets are white to provide a highly reflective, insect repellent surface.
  • They are available in two pore sizes: 0.4mm and 0.9mm. The former repels even the smallest insects, such as white flies, whereas the latter’s pore size may not. Agricultural insect nets with 0.4mm pore sizes are used for crops that are economically impacted by such insects. Tomato and sweet pepper are two examples. 0.9mm is effective in crops that white flies do not prey on, such as herbs and tree crops. The 0.4mm net is 20% more expensive than the 0.9mm net.
  • It comes in two widths: 3 meters and 5.5 meters, which growers can choose based on their project.

What is the application of Insect Netting?

  • Greenhouse construction both wooden and metallic.
  • Net houses.
  • Research in screenhouse trials.

What are the benefits of Insect nets?

  • Keep dangerous insects at bay.
  • Keep beneficial insects inside.
  • Reduce pesticide use (food safety).
  • Diffuse light to save money.
  • Better harvest.
  • The temperature drops less.


Dimensions Mesh Color
3mts (width)*50mtrs(length), 2.5mtrs(width)*50mtrs(length), 

2.5mtrs(width)*100mtrs(length), 5.5mtrs (width)*30mtrs(length)

40% mesh White


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