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5 New Steps on how to use Water Sprinkler Systems in Kenya-2024

Water Sprinkler Systems

Water Sprinkler systems are available in different types and applications for large and small farms, specifically for different crops and area coverage.

Water Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya by Aqua Hub

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Different Types of Sprinklers in Kenya

Water Sprinkler Systems

Impact Sprinklers

Impact sprinklers are high pressure sprinklers with either plastic or brass body surfaces. They have a design of two rotary jets and two nozzles that release water in fine sprays.

Rain Guns

Rain Guns are big special metallic sprinklers with high pressure and throw radius. They have a metal surface and rotary head with an arm and nozzle that releases water.
Flange rain guns are available and uses gear driven technology.


They work under low pressure and normally applicable for small areas such as lawns and backyards.

Butterfly Sprinklers

Small plastic sprinklers of butterfly design shape are usually used in gardens, orchards, and small farm sections.

Pop-up Sprinklers

Sprinklers with plastic or metal bodies for irrigation of lawns, sport fields, rugby pitch, parks and compounds.
Pop-up sprinkler heads can rise when irrigating lawns and retract once irrigation is over.
They are installed beneath the ground surface and require higher pressure to work, therefore you need a pump.

 3 Components of Sprinkler Systems

  • Sprinkler systems is made up of a pump, HDPE or mainline PVC pipes, delivery, or hose pipes, riser pipe, stakes or tripod stands for impact and rain gun sprinklers.
  • HDPE or PVC fittings and water filters.
  • Connectors such as saddle clamps, elbow, tee, and ball valves are for preventing leakages in the sprinkler system.
  • Irrigation water filters in Kenya are to get rid of silt and particles that can block the sprinkler head nozzles.

How Sprinklers Supply Water

The sprinkler system starts from a pump connected to a water source which pumps water under high pressure to the mainline system.
Water flows from mainline pipe through sub-mainline pipe and reaches the sprinkler head.

Due to pressure water swings the sprinkler and the nozzle releases water in sprays.

How to Know which Sprinkler to Select

It is common to face difficulty deciding which sprinkler to go for. There are ways to identify a perfect sprinkler choice that will better your water needs in your farm or field setting.

They include pressure rating, size, throw radius, durability, angle of rotation, cost prices and type of crops or application.

 Water Sprinkler Size

Different sizes of sprinklers are available according to the type.

Smaller sizes cover relatively smaller parts of your farm while bigger one’s water big areas.

Pressure rating

The pressure of a sprinkler has all to do with the radius of throw and wetting rate of the soil. You must know the pressure range that your sprinkler can work with to ensure efficiency.

Durability of water Sprinkler

Durability depends on the material and maintenance of the sprinkler heads and entire system.
Plastic and brass sprinklers are non-corrosive and resistant to UV radiation.

However, metallic sprinklers such as rain guns and impact sprinklers are more durable than plastic ones.

Angle of Sprinkler Head Rotation

Considering the angle of rotation of a sprinkler, you should know whether it can irrigate on a full turn, 90-degree, 45 degree or 180 degrees.
When you are aware of the cost, you can easily breakdown the choices available within your budget.

Type of Crop

Sprinklers for irrigation in Kenya are not suitable for all crops as it damages or leaves some crops such as tomatoes vulnerable to fungal diseases.
Similarly, tall crops require bigger or high throw height sprinklers while shorter vegetables, trees and other crops require smaller sprinklers.

Advantages of Water Sprinkler Systems

  • Sprinklers are available in wide and suitable varieties that are effective for water supply.
  • They are versatile with wide range of applications in open farming, greenhouses, construction, dust removal and painting industries.
  • Sprinklers supply water evenly to farm sections.
  • Flexible and adjustable sprinkler heads which can enhance increase of flow rate.
  • Some are movable hence you can use one to irrigate a large farm.
  • Less prone to damages thus easy to use and maintain.

Cost of Water Sprinkler Systems in Kenya

The cost of Water Sprinkler systems varies according to type and sizes. Price ranges from KES 150 to KES 15,000 at Aqua Hub Kenya.
We are always committed to providing best irrigation systems for our clients at prices within their reach.
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