Water Pumps for exist in a variety of suction heights, design and application to suit the water needs of your homes, irrigation or commercial buildings. Water pumps for boreholes use either electricity or solar energy to suck and deliver water from wells.

Borehole Water Pumps by Aqua Hub

Borehole pumps can work for wells of up to 300m depth without failure or inconsistency in flow rates. So long as the installation is done properly with the most qualified expertise, you need not worry at all. You can contact us for advice on suitable pumps and installation of the same at affordable prices.

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It is critical to understand how various borehole pumps operate, power consumption rate, installation, and application before you start using them.

DSD Pump Series

Water pumps for application in supply of water from boreholes are available in sizes and suction heights depending on the model.

DSD pumps work in domestic supply of water with fewer volumes from boreholes and wells. DSD pump series have varying flow rates which drops with every increase in pump head due to pressure changes.

Features of DSD Borehole Pumps

Impellers and diffusers consist of polycarbonate materials body surface. Polycarbonate materials are known for durability and resistant to corrosion.

Stainless steel casing – Does not corrode or react with water as steel has less reactivity properties. Thus, water cannot be contaminated.

Impellers – Rotates to move water to the delivery pipes. The impeller has vanes closely attached to prevent high sand entry.

Motors made of stainless steel – Some work with control boxes for dry run protections while others use remote starters.

Submersible pumps can work with float switches to start or close the pump for dry run protection.  This mechanism works through float switch installation that closes the pump when water fills the tank and opens when water is low.

Specifications of DSD Water Pumps for Boreholes

They should be used in water or fluids of 0.25 % sand content.

Works on fluids of 35 degrees temperature

Suitable for maximum borehole depth of 150 M and minimum diameter of 110 m

Water Pumps for Boreholes

Which Components to Connect with Submersible Pumps

Installation of Water Pumps for Boreholes

Borehole pumps should be installed 3 m above the borehole bottom to prevent suction of sand and soil particles. The pump can be installed vertically or horizontally. Install the pumps on the middle part of the borehole. The maximum depth below the ground should be: 80 m for smaller 1 phase pumps and maximum of 150 m for large pumps.

Steps to follow:

  1. Choose the pump.
  2. Choose a location to install the pump – Consider power source and the depth of the well.
  3. Cut the electric cable and conduct wiring from power source to the tank. Ensure correct connection of terminal wires.

NB: Don’t forget the power control switch.

  1. Connect a pipe to the pump outlet adaptor.
  2. Lower the pump to the well and position it.
  3. Use clips to hold the electric cable to the delivery water pipe.
  4. Prime and test your pump.

Choosing Water Pumps for Boreholes

Depth of the borehole – Submersible pumps are designed with various suction heights depending on size and power rate. Consider the one that matches the depth of your borehole or well.

Water Quality – The sand content level must be looked at. Different submersible pumps can handle different sand content.

Source of Power – Since borehole pumps work on electric or solar energy, you won’t be able to use it without these power sources. Consider a suitable option for you whether you have electricity access or not. You can use solar pumps as it is a highly reliable option.

Water Requirements – water needs are critical since the choice of a pump is the choice of water quantity. Which volume of water is needed for your daily activities? Go for a pump that can solve that.

Cost – The value of a pump should be considered to know your chances and options if you are not able to afford it.

Durability – The lifespan of a pump determines whether it will be useful for your investment. Choose durable pumps which can guarantee a long time of water supply in your application without much maintenance costs.

Prices of Submersible Borehole Pumps

Submersible Pump Model Motor Horsepower


Max Flow(m3/h) Max Head (m) Outlet
KW Current(A)
  DSD 3/7 0.37 4 0.5 4.8 50 1¼”
  DSD 3/10 0.55 5 0.75 4.8 75 1¼”
  DSD 3/13 0.75 6 1 4.8 95 1¼”
  DSD 3/17 1.1 9 1.5 4.85 120 1¼”
  DSD 3/22 1.5 11 2 4.85 158 1¼”
  DSD 3/30 3 16 3 4.9 220 1¼”
  DSD 3/40 3 8 4 4.9 280 1¼”
  DSD 3/52 4 11 5.5 4.9 370 1¼”


Where to Purchase Borehole Pumps

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