Drip Irrigation Fittings in Kenya

The affordable drip irrigation fittings at Aqua Hub Kenya assist farmers and irrigation experts. In tropical equatorial settings, drip irrigation components are of UV-treated plastic can be applicable in greenhouses and open fields. Our customers receive technical help from our expertise in drip irrigation. Our drip fittings are of excellent craftsmanship and straightforward installation. Using […]

Irrigation Company in Nairobi

One of the best Irrigation Company in Nairobi is Aqua Hub. We provide you with all the supplies you need for your irrigation system. Additionally, we can advise you on the best irrigation system based on your needs. As an irrigation company in Nairobi, we also offer the best services to our clients. Our irrigation systems are of […]

Mini Valves for Drip Irrigation

High-quality plastic serves as the mini valves for drip irrigation tape. It is frequently used in irrigation systems with drip tape. Water flow may be easily controlled by a tiny valve using drip irrigation system valves. The small valves for drip tape and poly hose are constructed of high-quality plastic and are perfect at the […]

Drip irrigation in Kenya

Drip irrigation in Kenya is one of the greatest irrigation technologies for water saving. Farmers who use drip irrigation to irrigate their crops can save up to 50% more water and fertilizer than those who use other methods such as overhead irrigation. Drip irrigation in Kenya involves progressively releasing water into the root zone of plants, either over […]

Button Drip System

Button Drip System makes sure that the water is flowing smoothly and continuously to your plants. Designed to make sure that significant variations in pressure only result in a little change in the flow to the plants. The button Drip System is therefore appropriate. As a little throttle, the Button Drip System operates. Preserving a […]

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most water-efficient irrigation system, capable of drastically reducing water use on a farm while increasing crop yields and quality. When properly designed, maintained, and operated, a drip irrigation system can be a productive asset for a small farm. It is irrigation for profitable crop production that necessitates an understanding of several […]

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