Seedling Trays are portable plastic containers with grids or protruding holes that allow propagation of seeds. You can grow plants in them from seeds or cuttings to mature seedlings that are ready for transplanting.

Technical Information

Comparison of Propagating in Trays Vs Planting on Beds

Trays Beds
Seedlings get enough water for growth Seedlings may get water
Uniform water distribution due to cell sizes Uneven water distribution
100 percent success rate 70 percent success rate
Uniform growth and nutrient supply Uneven growth and competition for water, nutrients, and light
Low weed growth Weeds can grow and require high monitoring water
Water Retention rate is high Low water retention compared to trays.
Low labor Requirement High labor needed to make beds and sow seeds

Crops Ideal for Propagation in Trays

They are ideal for vegetables such as tomato, capsicum, kale, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli. Carrots, beetroots, onions, pepper, and garlic can also be propagated using trays.

Other Plants that may require large soil bases are ideal for planting bags. For example, fruit and tree seedlings that develop deep roots.

Seedling Trays

Selection of Seedling Trays

Choose seedling trays according to the type of crop, propagation environment, and Farm size.

The crop type will determine what size of seedling tray holes are ideal.

It is always wise to choose quality and UV-treated trays to ensure high-end performance in harsh environments. On the farm size basis, the target number of seedlings required can be estimated.

Procedure of Sowing Seeds in Trays

  1. Place the growing medium in the tray holes.
  2. Put 1-3 seeds at the center of each tray hole. The number of seeds depends on the type of crop.
  3. Irrigate the seedlings gently.
  4. Place the trays under a shade.
  5. Water the seedlings frequently while preventing less or excess watering. Overwatering can slow growth and may cause fungal infections.
  6. You spray foliar fertilizers after every 10 days to enhance healthy growth.

6 Tips to Prevent Disease on Seedlings

  1. Use a sterilized growing medium. The recommended growing medium is cocopeat, peat moss, coco noir, or compost manure mixed with soil.
  2. Ensure your growing medium has good drainage.
  3. Propagate hybrid seeds or disease-resistant grafts.
  4. You can place the seedlings inside insect nets
  5. Avoid propagating near mature crops to prevent pests from contact with seedlings.
  6. Avoid excessive pesticides and fertilizers to minimize leaching.

Benefits of Seedling Trays

Space Utilization

With Seedling Trays, less space is utilized to generate more seedlings. The application of trays allows seedlings to grow in areas that do not support agriculture. Effective growing media such as cocopeat can be used in such areas.

Seedlings grow Uniformly

Trays allow seedlings to germinate and develop at the same rate. The resulting seedlings are equal in size and viable during the transplanting period.

Portable and Light

Planting trays are light plastic materials that can be shifted from one place to another. You can easily fill them with soil and place them inside protected planting houses.

Resistant to Weather Conditions

Trays are made of UV-treated Plastics and thus resistant to cold, high sunlight heat, and humidity. Moreover, they do not decay easily and are therefore useful for a long time.

Water Retention

Since Seedling Trays have cells for propagation, water is held for a long time in the soil inside the trays. In most cases, the propagation media is a good water-retentive component(cocopeat).

Less Costly

The use of Seedling trays lowers the cost of propagation. Trays are affordable and can accommodate more seedlings. It saves the cost of buying ready seedlings from agronomies that charge high.

High Care and Precision before and after Transplanting

Planting in Trays enhances more precision and ease in uprooting and transplanting seedlings. Trays allow roots to hold soil compactly and enable easy removal.

Prices of Seedling Trays in Kenya

The Cost of Seedling Trays is KES 150 per tray at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Seedling Trays for Sale By Aqua Hub Kenya

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