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Rain Gun Sprinklers in Kenya : Buying Guide

Rain Gun Sprinklers in Kenya are high-pressure sprinkler head devices that spray water at large flow rates to a wide area of coverage.

These devices are best for water supply to gardens or field crops covering big areas. In most cases, you will find rain guns in plantations of cash crops or commercial produce.

Using them in the irrigation of large areas cuts the cost of installing drip irrigation kits or smaller sprinkler heads on average.

Prices of Rain Gun Sprinklers in Kenya

The cost of Rain Gun sprinklers in Kenya depends on the size of the sprinkler head. The cost for the sizes available at Aqua Hub ranges from KES 5,000 to KES 50, 000 as per the size.

What are the Features of Rain Gun Sprinklers

Material surface made of Brass metals – Brass metal is non-corrosive and durable for a long time. Moreover, it is strong and resistant to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains, wind or humidity.

2- 4 nozzles -the presence of 1 main nozzle and another nozzle beneath it to allow full water coverage to the soil during irrigation. The smaller nozzles are to irrigate areas left by the main nozzle.

Adjustable Sprinkler Heads – Rain Gun sprinklers nozzles are adjustable to increase or decrease the irrigation rate.

Adjustable Arc – the angle of rotation can be adjusted,

Components for Rain Gun Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya

Types of Rain Gun Sprinklers in Kenya

Impact Rain Gun

Available in 1¼” BSP Available in 1½” BSP
Female Thread Connection Female Thread Connection

Flange Rain Gun

Rain Gun Sprinklers in Kenya

Flamingo Rain Gun Type | Gear Drive Type

Rain Gun sprinklers require high pressure to deliver large flow rates and a wide radius of coverage. The pressure is generated using a high-pressure pump connected to the water source to push water to the pipeline.

How to Install Rain Gun Sprinklers

  1. Source a Rain Gun sprinkler and the required components from Aqua Hub Kenya.
  2. Install a water pump on a suitable place near a water source.
  3. Connect water pipes to the pump outlet
  4. Place a rain gun tripod on the farm. Ensure it remains firmly anchored to the ground.
  5. Use a wrench and other tools to connect the rain gun connector and the rain gun sprinkler.
  6. Screw the rain gun sprinkler to the tripod stand.
  7. Connect the pipe or hose to the rain gun sprinkler.
  8. Pump water into the rain gun irrigation system and check if it is working as expected.
  9. You can adjust the angle of spraying of the rain gun by adjusting the pins on the rain gun

Where to Use Rain Gun Sprinklers

  1. For irrigation of maize, sugarcane, wheat sorghum and other tall crops
  2. Building sites to suppress dust
  3. Irrigation of lawns and field landscapes
  4. To water fodder and animal pastures
  5. Water supply to Cotton, rice, banana and rubber plantation
  6. To irrigate tea, coffee and other cash crops

Rain Gun Sprinkler Suppliers in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya


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