Water pumps for Sale; pumps provide efficiency and lower the cost of moving water on different pressure needing applications.

Water Pump Suppliers in Kenya

At Aqua Hub Kenya, among the popular best supplier of water pumps for sale in Kenya, you get quality brands. We deal with powerful, effective types of pumps that can deliver water supply at your pressure and flow rate needs.

Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya

There are various types of water pumps available for moving irrigation water. Irrigation water pumps are powered by electricity, solar, or fuel energy.

Diesel or Petrol Pumps

Irrigation water pumps with engines that generate pumping power using diesel or petrol. They are effective and reliable for irrigation due to their strong and durable engines.

Centrifugal Electric Pumps

Water Pumps for Sale

They use electricity to suction and pump water. Centrifugal pumps have higher pressure and flow rates.

Submersible solar Pumps

Submersible pumps are designed to pump water while completely submerged in water. Solar submersible pumps operate using solar energy. It requires solar energy conversion from DC to AC.

What Matters When Choosing Water Pumps

Pumps flow Rate

The measure or volume of water that a pump can deliver over a unit of time. The flow rate of a pump should meet your irrigation needs. Higher flow rates make the irrigation period short thus saving time and resources.


Water Pumps for sale brands have different flow rates, pressure rates, and durability levels. Consider quality brands to ensure effective pumps.

Pump Head

Choose pumps according to the depth and exact distance you require to pump water from your source. It is good to choose a pump with higher heads to enhance future adjustments in case water level drops in the well.

Pressure Rate

Pressure requirements determine whether your pump is ideal for your water supply system. The pressure requirements determine the type of pump you need.

Water Source

The type of water source is a factor to consider when deciding which pump to purchase. Different pumps are available for various qualities of water sources. For example, sewage or slurry applications require sewage pumps.

How to Size a Water Pump

Sizing involves the determination of a pump’s capacity to supply water at the desired pressure rate over a slope. Sizing a pump is necessary for cases where water needs to be distributed against gravity.

What should we Consider when Sizing a Water Pump?

Suction head

The suction head is the height between the water surface and the suction port of the pump.

Delivery Head

The distance that the pumps supply water from the source to the destination. It helps to identify the type, pressure rate, and size of the pump needed.


Pressure determines the distance a pump will move water from suction to delivery. Knowing the pressure losses and suction pressure requirement is essential to recommend a suitable pump.

Flow rate

To design a suitable pump for your application, it is good to consider the flow rates you need.

Recommendations for Effective Use of Water Pumps

  1. Use a foot valve on the suction pump connection to prevent water from flowing back.
  2. The internal diameter of the pipe must be at least equal to the diameter of the pump port.
  3. Ensure the suction pipe is submerged at least half the depth of the water source.
  4. Connect a float switch or pressure vessel to prevent the pump from damage or dry runs.
  5. Always place the pump on a flat stable surface to prevent falling from vibrations.

Water Pump for Sale Applications

Prices of Water pumps for Sale in Kenya

Water Pumps for sale are available at price ranges of KES 15,000 – KES 100,000 depending on the size, brand, and application of the pump.

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