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Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation System

Consists of :

  1. Pipes 
  2. Connectors
  3. Valves
  4. Sprinklers of various sizes
  5. Delivery or hose pipes 

Quality Overhead Sprinklers in Kenya

We have the highest quality Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation systems. Our overhead sprinkler irrigation systems are ideal for irrigating row crops, field crops, and tree crops. This is due to the fact that water can be sprayed above or under the crop cover. We have every sort of sprinkler you may want. Rain guns, high pressure impact sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers, and low pressure impact sprinklers are among them.

Sprinklers have the benefit of providing a consistent discharge across a large radius. We provide a variety of sprinkler sizes. The size and layout of the farm, available water amount and pressure, and an individual's budget all impact sprinkler selection.

Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation System

Overhead sprinkler Irrigation

Overhead sprinkler irrigation involves applying pressure to distribute water in sprays or rain-like throws in fields.

Overhead sprinklers enhance irrigation of plants from above. The pipes that supply water connect from the water source. The sprinkler is raised to certain meters above the ground depending on the desired pressure and spray radius.

Working Principle of Overhead Sprinklers

Overhead sprinklers work under the principle of pressure change with velocity. The pressure on the supply pipes is higher due to high speed of water and low at the sprinkler nozzles. Higher pressure of moving water rotates sprinkler nozzles causing water release in sprays.

Overhead Sprinkler Types

Our overhead sprinklers are available in various types. They include;

  1. Rain Guns - Various sizes of "1", "1.5", and "2" inches.
  2. Impact Sprinklers -

    ¾ and 1 inch

  3. Pop-up Sprinklers
  4. Low pressure sprinklers including butterfly, micro & mini, ground and grass sprinklers

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Overhead

  • Type of Crops
  • Pressure requirement
  • Cost budget
  • Size of the farm or field
Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation System
Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation System
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