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Mini Valves for Drip Irrigation

High-quality plastic serves as the mini valves for drip irrigation tape. It is frequently used in irrigation systems with drip tape. Water flow may be easily controlled by a tiny valve using drip irrigation system valves. The small valves for drip tape and poly hose are constructed of high-quality plastic and are perfect at the beginning of each drip tape run. Enables quick fixes without requiring system shutdown. Mini HDPE valves can be connected to HDPE pipes. These allow the joining of two PE pipes. They are available in various sizes. In orchards, forestry hedges, and lawns, the 16mm PE pipe directly distributes drip water to the crop.

What are Drip Valves/Mini Valves?

Mini valves are intended for use dependent on water pressure and connecting technique. In agricultural applications, the high-quality connection ensures water flow from PE main pipe to thin-walled driplines. For the connection to the main pipe, sealing rubber is necessary. The nut makes the connection with the drip line. Water flow may be switched off or regulated to the desired quantity thanks to the valve connection.

Mini Valves for Drip Irrigation
Mini Valves for Drip Irrigation

What are the types of mini valves?

It’s a mini ballcork used to control/adjust water per line in the irrigation system. We have three different types.

  1. Pe to drip – Used to connect the lateral drip from the main pipe.
  2. Pe to Pe – Used to connect two HDPE 16mm pipes.
  3. Drip to drip – used to connect two driplines together.

Each side of a PE to PE microvalve has three consecutive grooves. To connect the open ends of two 16mm PE pipes. They also join the open ends of 16mm PE pipes to the open ends of 16mm drip tapes, which in turn join the open ends of 16mm drip pipes.

A sub-main pipe connects to a drip pipe. These join a PE pipe to a drip pipe. They are commonly used in drip irrigation systems when the farmer needs to control the flow of water to each drip line independently. Three slots on one end link the open ends of a 16 mm HDPE pipe. The opposite end includes two grooves and a rubber allowance for insertion into a 16mm hole on the side of a PVC or HDPE sub-main pipe.

Advantages of mini valves

  1. UV resistant and made of high-quality materials.
  2. It is simple to connect and disconnect.
  3. Simple, low-cost ball valve for thin-walled drip tape.
  4. UV protection and anti-aging, made from high-quality raw materials.
  5. Excellent choice for drip tape.
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