Lawn sprinklers in Kenya are available in different types for lawns and grasses of different shapes depending on the topography of the landscape.

Lawn Sprinklers (What to Consider)

The size of your lawn determines the type of lawn sprinkler to choose concerning pressure, coverage or spray radius and unit cost.

Ways of Setting Up Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn sprinklers take two layout types; either a pipe connected to a permanent installed sprinkler head, or a temporary movable sprinkler connected to a hose pipe.

Types of Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya

Pop-up Sprinklers

Pop-up sprinklers are fixed overhead sprinklers installed under the ground and a protruding head partially covered to release water from the lawn sprinkler system. The pipe connection is covered underground all through to the water source. Pop-up sprinkler heads are made of hard plastic material with a nozzle that releases water and a spring that controls the action of the pop-up.

How they work

Pop-up Sprinklers pops out when water hits the sprinkler head at high pressure, releasing rapid sprays. The sprinkler head retracts back to the ground once irrigation is complete. Pop-up sprinklers are effective for lawn irrigation since they release sufficient water and at the same time makes irrigation easier.

  1.  Adjustable flow rates
  2. Plastic heads are made of UV resistant plastics.
  3. Connects to PVC or HDPE main line pipes and laterals.
  4. Can work with a pressure range of 3–8 bars.
  5. Pop-up sprinklers can rotate left or right at an angle of 40–360 degrees.

The brands of quality Pop-up sprinklers in Kenya include Hunter PGP, Rainbird and K-Rain Pop-up sprinklers.

How to maintain Pop-up sprinklers

  1. You need to always check the mainline pipes, laterals and misdirected sprinkler heads.
  2. Clear Vegetation around the sprinkler head to prevent it from blocking water outreach to other lawn parts.
  3. Always check the sprinkler head, sometimes open and clean the head to remove dirt.
  4. Open the Sprinkler head cap and clean or replace the filter.
  5. Turn on water supply to flush the head.

Rotary Sprinklers

Rotary sprinklers have 2–4 arms that rotate to release water in a circular spray manner. The rotary sprinkler head is made of plastic material that can be adjusted to increase the radius of flow. They normally cover a wide area and are normally suitable for any lawn size or shape.

  1. Plastic surface with adjustable flow rates
  2. Suitable for connection to the rain hose pipes.
  3. 360° rotation

Benefits of Lawn Sprinklers

How long do Lawn Sprinklers last?

Lawn sprinklers can last quite a long time while still in good operating condition.
Generally, lawn sprinklers can last for 5–15 years depending on the maintenance and general care.

How Much Do Lawn Sprinklers cost?

Cost prices of Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya vary depending on the types, sizes, and pressure rating.

½” pop-up sprinkler cost KES 2,500

 ¾” pop-up sprinkler cost KES 3,700 

Where Can I Buy Pop-up Sprinklers in Kenya

Aqua Hub is the Ideal Place to Purchase Lawn Sprinklers for irrigation. We have quality pressure compensating pop-up sprinklers of sizes ¾ and 1 inch.

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