Lawn irrigation system repair involves the replacement of pipes, fittings, controllers or sprinkler heads. These components are prone to clogging, physical damage, or wrong installation.

Why Lawn Irrigation System Repair is Essential

Lawns need frequent water supply to attain healthy growth and continuous coverage. Pop-up sprinklers are effective for watering lawns as they provide extensive flow rates that are ideal for sufficient water. However, pop sprinklers are delicate since their nozzles are small and can clog easily.

What Causes Sprinklers to Fail?

Sprinklers release water through tiny nozzles, which can block easily causing water release to stop. Pipe sections or sprinkler heads may be filled with silt and at last, causing them to block.

Sprinkler heads are also subject to damage, as they are made of plastic materials. Physical damage is imminent, especially from animals stepping on the sprinkler heads.

Pop-up sprinkler controllers

Signs Your Lawn Irrigation System Needs Repair

Ways to Repair Lawn Irrigation Systems

Clean and reset the Sprinkler Head

Open the sprinkler head by unscrewing it and clean the mesh of the filter inside. Rinse it with running water to remove any mud or dirt particles that can block water flow.

Replace damaged Sprinkler Heads

Once you have identified any malfunction in the sprinkler head, you must replace it with the same size as the sprinkler. Ensure the new sprinkler matches the flow rate and spray radius of the old one.

To replace it, you need to dig around the sprinkler head to expose the buried part. Carefully remove the soil to prevent cutting the underground supply pipes. Open the connection between the sprinkler head and the mainline pipe to remove it.

Connect the new sprinkler head to the riser and screw the riser to the mainline supply pipe connection.

Check and Repair Damaged Valves

Check whether the gate valves, check and ball valves are functioning well.  Open and replace broken valves.

Solenoid Valves

lawn Irrigation System Repair

Faulty or Wrong installation of the solenoid valves results in the lawn sprinklers not working. Check the installation whenever the system fails to work.  Connect the wires on the solenoid with the common wire and the field wire with waterproof connectors.

To replace the solenoid valves, disconnect the wires and replace them with a new one.

Tips for Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation System Repair

Every day requires monitoring of the sprinkler heads and the entire system.

Check the quality of water to ensure there is no threat to clogging of the sprinkler heads.

Ensure the connectors are securely attached to prevent leakages.

Repair the systems immediately if you notice an error or leakages.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair by Aqua Hub

We are available for lawn Sprinkler irrigation system repair and maintenance. If you looking to reduce water loss or do away with constraints of a faulty sprinkler system.

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