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Irrigation Water Pumps

Irrigation Water Pumps in Kenya

Aqua Hub Limited, a major provider of water pumps in Kenya, has the widest assortment of irrigation water pumps in Kenya. Our Kenyan water pumps for sale expel irrigation water at higher pressure. We categorize them based on function, location, and power to provide the finest water pump in Kenya. Pumps power the vast majority of irrigation systems. For an irrigation system to be as successful as possible, the pump must be selected to match the demands of the water supply, water distribution system, and irrigation equipment.

Pumps are generally classified into two types. Water can be moved using centrifugal or positive displacement pumps. The difference between these two types of pumps is whether the pump employs pistons or impellers to exert pressure on the water as it exits the pump.

Water Pumps  Surface and Submersible

Which pump type to use for your irrigation system depends on whether you want to use surface or submersible pumps. When a dam, lake, river, or shallow well is the source of the water, surface pumps are appropriate. Deep well or borehole water cannot be pumped with these pumps. If the depth of your borehole is greater than seven meters, you should utilize a submersible pump.
One advantage of placing your order with our company is the availability of these two types of pumps. We also understand that occasionally farmers may not be certain of the specific type of irrigation water pumps they need to use. Because of this, our experts are always delighted to offer qualified guidance while you make this crucial decision.

 Water Pumps Powered by Petrol, Diesel, or Solar

The pump’s energy source is a factor to consider when purchasing irrigation pumps. You have the option of using either fossil fuel or solar-powered irrigation water pumps. The difficulty with diesel and petroleum water pumps is that they look to be affordable. This is because of their low initial purchase price. Despite this, they are expensive in the long run because of their short lifespan and high operational costs. The use of solar-powered water pumps has the benefit of having low running costs. The fact that these pumps are relatively expensive to buy is a disadvantage of their reliance on solar energy to operate.


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