Greenhouses are built using a simple but procedural architecture to ensure they meet the requirements for an optimum growing environment. The greenhouse technology we use in detail involves how to assemble and install greenhouse structures in Kenya.

Assemble and Install Greenhouses

How to Determine the Best Greenhouse Design to Install

Greenhouse designs are available in different options such as tunnel, vent, single-span, or multi-span greenhouse types.

Tunnel and vent greenhouse designs are almost similar only that vent greenhouses have ventilation on one side of the roof.

Single-span greenhouses take one building while multi-span ones take many structures built to have an extending roofing.

The matter of consideration is the space, stability, crop accommodation, and cost of a greenhouse type.

Steps to Assemble and Install Greenhouses in Kenya

The construction techniques vary depending on the types of greenhouses and materials used to build them.

Wooden and metallic greenhouses are not built using the same materials, so the way to join them varies.

How to Assemble Wooden Greenhouses

Wooden greenhouse construction starts by selecting and assembling wooden poles and frames. Often it is ideal to paint wooden poles before erecting them on the ground. It helps prevent the rotting of the poles.

Iron Nails are the best materials to attach wooden poles. Even though they rust with time, they can last for a long time worthy of returning a lot of profit from your investment.

How to Assemble Metallic Greenhouses

Metallic greenhouses on the other hand require the fabrication of steel metal tubes to make perfect structures.

The poles are folded to make arches for roofing both tunnel and vent greenhouses. You can then raise metallic poles and support using a cement and sand mixture. Fixing the profiles and steel tubes is done by attaching tapping screws.

How to install Greenhouse Polythene Covers and Nets

Once your greenhouse structure has been erected, it is ideal to complete the installation by fixing the polythene cover.

You might be wondering why we use polythene covers. Well, a greenhouse polythene cover is an excellent material for light to pass through. A common thickness of 200 microns allows light to penetrate and retains heat inside a hot environment.

A greenhouse polythene cover is installed by stretching it over the roof of the structure. The cover cannot fit the entire structure and hence needs to be cut into various pieces equal to the sections of the greenhouse.

Start by stretching the cover while pulling it over the roof and ensuring it touches all the parts. Attach it to the channel wire locks and using wiggle wires, lock the polythene covers along the edges of the structure.

Attach the insect nets on the side walls of the greenhouse using nails for a wooden greenhouse and wires for a metallic greenhouse respectively.

Required Polythene Covers to assemble and install Greenhouses

A greenhouse polythene cover should be UV-treated for it to resist harsh climatic conditions.

A thickness of 200 microns is the best for proper light emission into the plant zone.

Colors available to use are cream and brilliant or \transparent types. A greenhouse cover should be transparent for it to allow light penetration.

Requirements to Assemble and Install Greenhouses

For construction materials such as cement, sand and ballast a client should provide them.

The steel pipes we provide are 32 mm in diameter and thickness of 1.2 to 4 mm thickness sizes.

Our steel profiles and wires also meet the requirements for a stronger structure. Profiles are available at lengths of 4 m while wires are 2 m long.

The role of wiggle wires is to hold the polythene cover to the greenhouse structure. Often installed on the outside part and therefore it is painted to enhance longevity.

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