As a greenhouse selling Company in Kenya, our motive is to connect Kenyans with better and cost-effective options for better crop production. Greenhouse farming happens to be a more effective choice than normal open farming ways.

Every day, greenhouses are shaping agriculture as a venture. The argument can be attributed to the ongoing increase in farmers venturing into greenhouse farming in Kenya.

The Top Greenhouse Selling Company: Aqua Hub Kenya

We are among the best suppliers and architects of highly effective greenhouse and irrigation systems in Kenya. Our greenhouse carries ideal features for optimum growing conditions of a variety of crops.

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Greenhouse Selling Company Prices

The prices of standard greenhouse sizes in Kenya either wooden or metallic are low cost, unlike other companies.

Consider our prices as per the table below;

Type of Greenhouse Size in Square meters Cost in (KES.








Wooden Greenhouse



8 metres x 15 KES. 165,000
8 metres x 24 KES. 180,000
8 metres x 30 KES. 240,000
16 metres x 30 KES. 360,000
8 metres x 15 KES. 200,000




Metallic Greenhouse



8 metres x 24 KES. 270,000
8 metres x 30 KES. 340,000
16 metres x 30 KES. 650,00

Greenhouse Selling in Kenya; What to Consider in a Supplier

Finding a high-quality greenhouse material supplier and expert builder of durable structures is hard.

To determine whether a company can deliver the scope of your work

Learn about Greenhouses Options you can Choose from Us

Our greenhouse structures can be done in any possible size and variety of orientations as per the landscape.

The orientation can take a rectangular tunnel or vented shape with either a single-span or multi-span structure.

For a single span, you only build your structure as one building. On the other hand, multis-span takes many greenhouse structures attached to save on space and materials.

There are common sizes that we consider standard for constructing greenhouses. Sizes include; 8 x 15 m, 8 x 24 m, 8 x 30 m, and 16 x 40 m, all that have been constructed and proven feasible to remain operational for long.

As the best greenhouse  company in Kenya, we are open to inquiries, sales and suggestions.

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Best Greenhouse Selling Company Construction Designs

There are several ways or designs to construct a greenhouse in Kenya, but two main ones exist;

We have the vented and tunnel designs of greenhouses in Kenya. Tunnel designs resemble half of a sphere with a tunnel inner space.

A vented design is similar to a tunnel type but has ventilation on the roof, wooden or metallic types.

Greenhouse Selling Company in Kenya: Construction and Setup

Greenhouse Selling Company

The construction process of greenhouses in Kenya is a procedure and takes the course as per the company handling the project. For us, we often guide our clients with steps we should take in their collaboration to enhance the successful completion of greenhouse construction.

These steps are;

  1. Choice of the ideal site for constructing the greenhouse – What area is considered ideal for the setup of a greenhouse? A good place should be a flat, open, and water-draining area.
  2. Preview or survey by our technicians to assess your site. Meant to measure and confirm whether it is suitable.
  3. Obtaining materials and purchasing them. The guiding factor to consider is the type of greenhouse you want to construct; metallic or wooden. Remember, we have metallic and wooden greenhouses, all affordable at your choice.
  4. The construction of your desired greenhouse structure. It takes a few days depending on the size of your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Best Crops to Grow in Greenhouses

Greenhouses are for crops that require high monitoring and attention concerning weed control, and pest and water management. Research has shown that tomatoes, capsicum, strawberry, and vegetables produce 50 % more yield when grown in greenhouses.

The ideal crops include;

Consider us for Quality Greenhouses;

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