A greenhouse irrigation kit is available from Aqua Hub and may be applicable to irrigate crops in greenhouses. The package varies depending on the number of crops planted and the size of the greenhouse. Drip irrigation is applicable in the greenhouse irrigation kit. As one of the finest irrigation methods for greenhouses, drip line irrigation is appropriate for many farmers. Most of the time, the cost of the greenhouse drip kit is already in the greenhouse pricing we provide our customers. We can also provide you with the equipment if you already have a greenhouse.

Importance of greenhouse irrigation kit

Greenhouse Irrigation Kit

Up to 35 plants may be watered with the Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit. This all-inclusive drip irrigation kit comes with everything you need to set up a reliable system. The drip irrigation tubing (or tape) included in this package can be cut with tin snips, box cutters, or standard household scissors.

Everything you need to connect to any typical outdoor water faucet or garden hose is included in this kit. All threaded irrigation parts only need to be manually tightened. The items in this package may not exactly match the image presented.

It includes high-quality extras, such as a 12 mm drip line made of hardy materials for the convenient application of soluble fertilizers. Because they have lateral plugging capabilities, which are helpful when partial irrigation is required, they are designed for particular takeoff.

Components of Greenhouse irrigation kit

The three most important parts of a drip kit are drip lines, filtration units, and main and sub-main pipe connections. Direct nutrition and water delivery to the root zone in the greenhouse is made possible by drip lines. By removing pollutants that may block the emitters, the Filtration Unit cleans the water. The type of irrigation water filter to be used depends on the size of the irrigation system that will be installed.

You can employ a disc filter or a screen filter. Drip lines have to be supplied by main pipes that connect to the water supply utilized for farm irrigation. PVC pipes or HDPE pipes might be the primary kind of pipe used. The tank stand can be made of metal or wood. The farmer’s desire and convenience are the deciding factors, albeit metallic ones will last longer.

What are Drip Kit prices?

Lines Per Bed1 Line2 Lines3 Lines
1 Acre65,00095,000130,000
1/2 Acre30,00045,00060,000
1/4 Acre16,00025,00035,000
1/8 Acre10,00015,00020,000

Prices of greenhouses in Kenya

A greenhouse’s cost in Kenya varies according to its size and building style. Depending on their size and construction quality, steel/metallic and polycarbonate greenhouses can cost anywhere between Ksh 150,000 and Ksh 600,000, while wooden greenhouses range in price from Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 300,000. We provide greenhouses in a variety of sizes. For both wooden and steel greenhouses, the sizes range from 8 by 15 m to 8 by 24 m, 8 by 30 m to 16 by 30 m. The quote for the greenhouse includes the price of the drip kit.


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