Drip irrigation is the most water-efficient irrigation system, capable of drastically reducing water use on a farm while increasing crop yields and quality. When properly designed, maintained, and operated, a drip irrigation system can be a productive asset for a small farm. It is irrigation for profitable crop production that necessitates an understanding of several fundamental engineering and irrigation concepts, as well as their application.

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation
Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is an efficient and cost-effective method of watering your lawn and garden. It is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya, where it is regularly applicable in drier sections of the nation. Unlike sprinkler irrigation, which is only 65-75% efficient, drip irrigation is 90% efficient in allowing plants to utilize the water delivered. Furthermore, it lowers runoff and evaporation. It progressively delivers water to the plant root zone, where it is most required.

It has traditionally been applicable in large nursery and agricultural operations, but homeowners are increasingly discovering its uses and benefits. You may utilize it as a homeowner to irrigate your vegetable and perennial gardens, as well as trees and bushes.

What are the components of drip irrigation?

The mainline, valve, sub-main, backflow preventer, pressure regulator, filter, tubing adapters and fittings, drip tubing, emitters, and end caps are the essential parts of a drip irrigation system.

Drip irrigation
Drip irrigation

How drip irrigation works

Drip irrigation installation
Drip installation

Water and nutrients are transported across the field in pipes known as ‘driplines,’ which contain small units known as ‘drippers.’ Each dripper emits water and fertilizer-containing drops, resulting in the uniform application of water and nutrients directly to each plant’s root zone across an entire field.

Benefits of drip irrigation

Drip irrigation entails laying down tubing with emitters next to the plants. The emitters slowly drip water into the root zone of the soil. Plant productivity and quality improve as moisture levels are kept within an optimal range. Furthermore, drip irrigation:

Prices for drip irrigation installation

Size of the Land ( In sqm)Price in Ksh.
1/8 ( 500 sqm)25,000
1/4 ( 1000 sq’m)40,000
1/2 ( 2000 sq’m)64,000
1 ( 4000 sq’m)130,000

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