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Irrigation Systems in Kenya

Irrigation Systems in Kenya

Drip Irrigation Systems

We are the Drip Irrigation Systems solutions providers in Kenya

Aqua Hub offers smart drip irrigation solutions that supply the needed quantity of water and nutrients to various crops with minimal waste. Our drip irrigation kits enable farmers to use less resources while increasing output.

Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation System

We have the highest quality Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation systems. Our overhead sprinkler irrigation systems are ideal for irrigating row crops, field crops, and tree crops. This is due to the fact that water can be sprayed above or under the crop cover. We have every sort of sprinkler you may want. Rain guns, high pressure impact sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers, and low pressure impact sprinklers are among them.

Rain Hose Irrigation System

Aqua Hub provides the most effective and high-quality Rain Hose Irrigation System. It is an alternative to using sprinklers for irrigation. It is simple to set up and keep running. The Rain Hose is a flexible hose with drip holes. The rain hose is appropriate for close-spaced crops such as onions, vegetable crops, green vegetables, groundnuts, and so on.

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