Dam liners in Kenya are important materials that can accumulate surface running water during rainy seasons. These materials enhance adequate pools of water for future domestic use and irrigation purposes during dry seasons. Dam liners for irrigation water storage are available in thickness levels of 0.3mm-1 mm at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Technical Information

How to Store Water Using Dam Liners

he best and most effective way to collect water for crop irrigation is the use of dam liners to reinforce dams. Dam liners in this case act as waterproof and secure devices to hold your water for as long as you will need to use it. The only limitation is the evaporation or silt accumulation, but there are ways to prevent such problems.
Liners help lower surface run-off which is normally associated with severe soil erosion and fertilizer removal from soils in slopes and riverbanks.

Dam Liners for Water Storage (How do they work?)

Dam Liners are hard plastic covers that are less permeable (materials are highly compacted) thus zero chances of water leakage. These plastic covers are non-reactive with water or surrounding environmental conditions

Dam Liners for Water Storage

How to Prepare your Dam Liners for Water Collection

Once you have purchased a dam liner always ensure you have the right dimensions that fits the size of your dam. In any case you have a larger dam size than the normal full roll dimension of a liner (8 x 100 m), you have to get your Dam liner joined.
Joining a dam liner is a bit complicated but a fewer step procedure. You require a welding machine to ensure pieces of dam liners join perfectly. If you have no skills to join, we can do it for you during installation at an affordable price.
To enhance safety, you need to lay pieces of dam liners in contact with each other along the edges and join them with a welding machine along a straight line.

Dam Liners for Water Storage

Dam Liner Prices in Kenya

The cost of Dam Liners depends on the thickness level and size of the liner. For custom sizes we sell them considering the size per square meter.

Where to Buy Dam Liners for Water Storage in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is a reliable supplier of affordable and quality purpose Dam liners for water storage. We strive to save your future farming.
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