Flange rain guns are gear-driven large irrigation sprinklers with high-pressure water application to field plantations.

The gear design drives the rain gun to rotate while releasing water on a circular pattern of up to 360 degrees.

Aqua Hub Kenya is a reliable Best Flange Rain Gun sprinkler supplier in Kenya. We have 1½ and 2-inch sizes for application in large open field plantations.

Specifications of Flange Rain Gun Sprinklers

  1. Spray radius of 26-60 m
  2. The whole-body surface is made of painted brass metal.
  3. Works at a pressure rate of 2-7 bar
  4. Nozzle diameter ranges from 12mm-20mm

Key Features of Flange Rain Guns

Brass material makes it durable. Brass metal is non-corrosive and non-reactive with water.

Body painting which prevents exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Long spray radius which is suitable for large-scale irrigation farming.

Suitable for Most landscapes.

How do Flange Rain Guns Work?

Flange Rain Gun releases heavy long sprays that cover wide areas. The system uses a pump to release high-pressure water flow.

With the action of gears and water pressure, the sprinkler head rotates slowly and releases high flow rates. It wets the ground faster due to the big nozzle diameter.

It works with a steel support stand that is attached to the ground and screwed to the sprinkler head. The stand is a tripod type and offers maximum stability to prevent the sprinkler head from falling when operating.

How to Choose Flange Rain Guns

To ensure you get the suitable size of rain gun, you need to consider the following factors.

Flange rain guns types

How much is a Flange Rain Gun Sprinkler?

Applications of Flange Rain Gun Sprinklers

  1. Irrigation of corn, sugarcane, and cotton.
  2. Suppression of dust in mining sites and residential buildings
  3. Irrigation of lawns
  4. Sport field irrigation
  5. Animal feed irrigation

Where to Buy Flange Rain Guns in Kenya

 Aqua Hub Kenya

Call 0790719020

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Which type of hose for the Rain Gun?

A: PVC lay flat hose or PVC Fire hose

(2) Which size of hose for the Rain Gun?

A: 2 inch or 2.5-inch PVC lay flat hose or PVC Fire hose


2-inch PVC hose for 1.5-inch PY30 rain gun

2.5-inch PVC hose for 2.5 inch PY50 rain gun

  1. How Much is a Flange Rain Gun in Kenya?
  2. What is the Pressure requirement for a Flange Rain Gun?

               Works on a pressure of 2–7 degrees

  1. What is the angle of Rotation of a Flange Rain Gun Sprinkler?

               Part circle or a full circle of 360 degrees

  1. Which Crops can be irrigated using Flange Rain Guns?

Corn, sugarcane, cotton, tea, wheat, and coffee.

What is the Spray Radius of a Flange Rain Gun?

26-60 m

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