Irrigation farming is a very effective low-cost method of supplementing crop farming in areas where water shortage is a challenge.  As a small-scale farmer, you should learn how such cost effective irrigation systems work and how to install and implement them on your farms. Therefore, we have this guide to lead you on the common types and best irrigation techniques to improve your production.

Importance of Effective Irrigation Systems

Most irrigation systems offer the ability to exercise control over water and nutrient supply to crops and in the end reduce cost and increase productivity.

Even though your water needs may vary with the crop you are doing, the smart irrigation methods we deal with are flexible for most plant water requirements. The best irrigation systems below work for small-scale to large-scale farmers.

What are the 5 Effective Irrigation Systems in Kenya?

Drip irrigation

It is the best method to irrigate most fields and greenhouse crops. The drip irrigation method reduces water wastage as it releases smaller amounts to the root zones. With time the smaller amounts or drops are enough for crop use.

Rain Gun Sprinkler irrigation

Rain Gun sprinklers or pivot irrigation involves the use of large sprinkler heads to irrigate the farm. These methods work only for large farm areas as they release wide jets of water with a large spray radius. Common in plantations of tea, coffee, sugarcane, maize, and wheat.

Rain hose Irrigation

Also Known as Soaker Hose Irrigation due to its soaking effect on the soil. Despite its high-pressure water requirement, it is effective for some animal feeds such as Napier grass, lucerne and Bhoma Rhodes.

Button dripper Irrigation

Button Drippers are special button emitters attached to driplines to release steady flow rates of water above the pipe. Available in adjustable and non-adjustable types.

Adjustable button drippers deliver slow but canopy-like jets of water at a flow rate of 0-70 l per hour. Button dripper irrigation delivers sufficient irrigation to fruits, tree seedlings and flowers.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Effective Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler irrigation is an affordable way of delivering sufficient and equal rates of water to plants. It works in variety of crops such as vegetables, flowers and other greenhouse crops such as herbs.

It features a chain of pipes and fittings that emit water through a rotating or fim sprinkler head. Sprinkler heads are available in different types such as impact, plastic, micro and mini sprinklers and sprayers.

Sprinklers can be installed in various farm zones and connected to the water supply pipes as per the spray radius. You can choose to automate your sprinkler system using controllers to enhance auto irrigation and shut off.

Criteria to Apply when Choosing an Effective irrigation system

When choosing an irrigation system, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your plants and the layout of your garden. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting the best irrigation system.

Effective Irrigation Systems Supplier in Kenya

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