Finding the right irrigation system for garden watering is quite a challenge for most gardeners. Most gardeners don’t get much from their backyards because they cannot deliver the right amount of water and nutrients to crops.

We are here to guide you on the main factors that will lead you to a reliable and production-oriented system.

What features matter in an irrigation system?

There are various irrigation systems that can work with a garden crop but only needs to satisfy some conditions. Any irrigation system is tailored to meet various flow rates, radius of flow, pressure rate and crop suitability.

Tips for Choosing the right Irrigation System

Assess the Water Needs of your Gardens

First you should put in mind the amount of water your garden plants may consume. You can determine this by looking at the size of your garden, soil type and dimensions. The dimensions and size determine the spray radius and in turn the suitable irrigation system.

Consider the Water Source

Look at the aspects of your water source such as volume, distance, water quality and depth. The water supply reliability depends on the water source be it a well, borehole, dam, or municipal supply.  You need to consider whether it will be reliable to work with the desirable system.  Keep in mind that different irrigation systems have different flow rates and water use rates.

Climate of your area

Various climatic regions have different rainfall patterns. Some areas receive high rainfall while others receive low rain. If you are a grower in low rainfall areas, you might consider a water saving irrigation system. For example, drip irrigation systems are efficient methods to save water with the ability to work with controllers for remote irrigation.

Evaluate the Cost and maintenance.

The cost of purchasing, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems varies from one type to another.

Moreover, the maintenance may be cheap and simple or hard and costly as per the type. Always choose a system with less cost of operation and maintenance to cut down production costs.

Consider the landscape of your garden.

Irrigation systems work effectively depending on the landscape or topography of the field. To ensure effective water supply and uniformity, choose a method that suits your landscape. Drip irrigation is suitable for flat fields or less hilly areas. For slopy areas you can use high pressure sprinkler systems.

Effective types of Irrigation for your gardens


Drip irrigation

Irrigation systems

Rain Hose

Prices of Irrigation Systems in Kenya

The cost of irrigation methods in Kenya depends on the type, land size and features.

To learn about our available irrigation systems, prices, installation costs and suitable crops, contact us or visit our offices.

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