Do you have adequate water supply and limited but well-drained land? Adopt greenhouse farming today and experience a multitude of benefits.

You can turn a small piece of land into a green indoor garden more ideal than growing in open fields. Greenhouse farming is a trend in the world as it betters the overall yield and extends the growing season.

adopt Greenhouse Farming


Reasons to Adopt Greenhouse Farming

  1. Ideal Growing Conditions

The conditions that are required for optimum growth of plants are available in greenhouse environments. The design of greenhouses allows ideal conditions to be attained. For example, in cold areas, greenhouses provide hot growing conditions that allow faster growth.

  1. Extended Season of Production

Greenhouse farming enhances the long harvest seasons of crops. Crops attain maximum water and nutrients; thus, they do not dry up but continue producing fruits for up to 8 months.

Unlike open field farming where you wait to prepare the land and wait for rainfall to grow, greenhouses allow growing at any time.

  1. Crop Protection

The greenhouse structure itself is a barrier to various agents that may damage crops. Birds, insects, and harsh climatic conditions cannot harm plants as the greenhouse polythene keeps them out.

Crop rotation, monitoring, and controlled irrigation lowers pests in greenhouse farming.

Another way to curb pests and diseases is to grow resistant varieties.

  1. Effective Water Use

The application of effective irrigation methods in greenhouse farming allows the saving of water. Plants use a minimum amount and, in the end, reduce the cost of irrigation.

Drip kits balance water and nutrient supply to crops thereby making growth uniform and effective.

  1. Utilization of Space

Various greenhouse designs take up smaller space compared to open-field farming. For example, hydroponic greenhouses allow growing in stacked structures which accommodate more plants.

  1. Best for a Variety of Crops

A wide range of crops can be cultivated in greenhouses. It supports crops such as vegetables, flowers, and fruits thus you have plenty of options to choose from.

  1. Sustainable Practices

A greenhouse structure is a total makeup of sustainability in modern farming. From water utilization drip kits, and fertigation systems to rainwater harvesting gutters.

Rainwater does not go to waste but can be stored and reused inside the greenhouse for irrigation and misting.

  1. High-quality Yield

The crops grow bigger and develop high-quality yields due to high nutrients and minimum pest attacks. High value crops such as capsicum, tomatoes and strawberries develop big healthy leaves and fruits.

  1. Maximum Yield

You are sure to register a higher level of produce from your greenhouse compared to open-field farming.

Adopt Greenhouse Farming with material Supplies from Aqua Hub Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the best choice for quality materials you need to adopt greenhouse farming. We have polythene covers, metal structures and nets for installing greenhouses.

Start Growing Sustainably with Our Greenhouse Structures

We design quality and durable greenhouses to clients across East Africa. Whether you need a wooden or metallic structure, we Got you.

Cost of Adopting Greenhouse Farming

Our greenhouse structures vary in construction costs depending on the type and sizes.

Types are either wooden or metallic greenhouse structures with vented or tunnel structure.

The wooden greenhouses cost ranges from KES 99,000 to KES 600,000 depending on the required size.

On the other hand, Metallic greenhouses cost ranges from KES 200,000 to KES 1,000,000 as per the size.

The larger the size, the more the materials required and therefore the higher the price.

Fabrication and Installation of Greenhouses in Kenya

Our greenhouse fabrication and installation technology make our structures more durable and reliable for production. Adopting greenhouse farming starts with insights from Aqua Hub Kenya.

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